♥ How to not be stressed! ♥

Hey everyone this is my second blog post and would love for you to read and share xxx
I decided to make this as many people could be feeling stressed 
about family, friends,exam, school work or any thing going on at the moment. So I came up with a few simple ways to feel more relaxed and less stressed!!

So obviously my first choice is food! Personally if I've had a bad day I just love to come in and eat some chocolate but of course anything you like will be great to help you relax and feel happy :)
Its actually proven to release happiness in your body so I guess thats a great excuse to start eating everything in sight! Its nice to just come in put on your favourite tv programme or get out your favourite book and just forget about the stress.

After a hard day theres always one thing to look forward to....
a bath! To help you release some stress you could get your favourite bath bomb, bath salts, bubble bath or anything you like and run a hot bath for yourself. My favourite place for bath 
products is definitely lush but any were you like is fine.
You could also light some scented candles or put on your favourite 
music with a nice drink to go with it!

Another good way to have fun and relax is too watch a nice film :)
You can get on your cozy pjs and slippers and cuddle up with a hot chocolate while watching your favourite film. Its especially great at this time of year as all of the amazing christmas films are out in cinemas or on Tv so make sure you don't miss out on the festive films!

And last but not least a pamper session!
you can do this on your own or with some friends either way is fun.
you can make home made face masks to make your skin smoother and healthier you could also go to the hair dressers to get your hair done or just make new hair styles for going out and test new techniques. Other ways are making foot baths by putting warm water into a dish and adding any bath products you want such 
as a moisturiser bath cream, bubble bath a massage bar or anything else you have. Finally you can paint your nails using nail art, glitter or even nail stickers for a finishing touch.

Thats all for today
Thanks so much for reading
Pink picture girl xxx