Monday, 29 December 2014

♥ What I got for christmas 2014!!! ♥

Hellooo everyone 
Now firstly I think its safe to say I failed blogmas badly! But in my defence my wifi was cut off and  I have been VERY busy this christmas but luckily the wifi is 
back on there fore I can start 
posting again! As it is already 
the end of blogmas :( I have decided that I am going to start doing posts every monday and see how it goes! 

So as its 3 days after christmas I 

decided to show you a few things I 
got for christmas these are mostly 
presents from my family or Santa
So firstly I'll show you a few 
bath things I got.

So the first item is of course a 
lush bath bomb set. Now Im not 
actually sure what its called 
because I stupidly took off the
 label but I think its 
something like merry christmas and 
inside it has all my favourite lush christmas treats and is 
definatley going to last a while.

I was also given the magic star 
which is a pink bubble bar which 
you can keep reusing which I think 
is great. Another bath bomb I was 
given in my stocking was the 
stary night one. This is the only one from my collection I have
actually got round to using but I 
definately recommend it. It turn 
your bath into lots of different 
colours and smells great so here 
is a short video of it just to give you an idea of what its like!

So my next bath product is the 
soap and glory set!

The soap and glory set that i have contains a soap scubber/ buffer 
puffer, a hand cream, a body 
scrub, shower jel and body butter.
 This is a great gift and all 
smells great and leaves your skin 
nice and smooth!

My next product is the sweet treat 
bath collection which has a ginger bread bath fizzer, a red soap 
scubber, sugar apple and merry 
cherry bath salts and body lotion in the flavours orange spice vanilla frosting and cookie dough!

So moving on to comfort items.

Firstly is my fluffy sheep socks/slippers which are super 

Then my dog hot water bottle! Which is nice and warm for cold 
winter nights.

Next is of course my fleecy tatty bear pjs which are really cute and warm which is good because my 
bedroom is sooo cold.

And finally is a few of my sweets and chocolates which I'm sure will be gone in the next 3 seconds!

Next lets go onto technology. So 
I didnt get anything big this year but heres a few bits and bobs!!

So first is some new apple head phones! Now this might not seem interesting but I really needed some because I lost my old ones and had to go through the 
struggle of no head phones for a whole month (oh my god)

Next is my pug Iphone case and its soo cute :0 and it even has little diamonds on!

And finally it might seem really boring but their useful ok! These are a pair of black gloves which you can also use on your iphone so  
you don't have to take off your 
gloves which I thinks so good 
because my hands get so cold so easily its unbelievable!

So next is jewellery

So my first item is a charm for my pandora bracelet, I got this bracelet at the start of the year and I love being able to pick out charms to add to it. This once is 
just plain silver which see 
through hearts on it which is quite simple but looks nice along side the others!

Next is a few pairs of ear rings which I really needed because I lost most of mine! 

Next is a jewellery stand which you can put bracelets and necklaces on. I think this is really good because it looks really nice on your desk or bed side table but also prevents your 
jewellery getting tangled.

And last but not least is beauty products. 

So firstly I got the pink tangle teaser which is so good and makes your hair soft and untangled. Its easy to use and also small so you can take it any were you want!

And finally is the Elizabeth Arden make up set which contains 4 lip sticks 2 eye liners 2 lip liners 3 brushes (which are really soft and great for applying your makeup.) a mascara, 2 eye shadow pallets, 2 lip glosses and a makeup remover. These are all great quality and I love them!!!

So thank you so much for reading.
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Pink picture Girl xxx

Friday, 19 December 2014

♥ Things To Do Over The Christmas Holidays! ♥

Blogmas:DAY 19

Hello today I have decided to do a post on what you can do this christmas. As it is the first day of the holidays tomorrow heres a few nice ideas on how to spend your christmas!

1) Go and see a christmas film

You could get some friends or your family and organise to go and see a nice christmas film at the cinema, or you could even organise it at your 
house and invite a few people over to watch one a your favourite films as this is a nice way to get you and your friends in the festive mood!

2) Go ice skating!

I just love ice skating around this time of year and I think its so much fun during winter and its a great way to get out of your house and see your friends during the cold season! Even if your not the best skater and always seem to fall 
over (like me) its still great fun!

3) A walk in the park

This might seem like a strange one for winter but I think its nice to wrap up warm with a fluffy scarf and bobble hat and have a nice walk around the park. This is even better if is snowing as your can have snow ball fights, build snow men and look at the lovely scenery covered in white snow! You can then 
finish off with a hot chocolate or some chips in the cafe (or if your me both!)

4) Go sledging!

Now unfortunately you can only do this if it snows and I know that it won't snow were some of you live and it doesn't look like it will snow were I live this year either but if it does you need to have your sledge prepared and friends on speed dial and get to the nearest hill because trust me it is so much fun!!

5) Go for a hot drink

This may sound obvious but I think going to costa or starbucks or any other drinks cafe and getting your favourite festive drinks is a nice thing to do around christmas.

6) Go christmas shopping! (obviously)

Go out with some friends or family and just buy all the presents you need for christmas to wrap and but under the tree. I always love to buy nice presents that I know that that person will like and watch their face when they open it!!

7) Buy something fluffy!!!

Might sound weird! But go and buy your self some fluffy socks, pjs, gloves or anything you want to keep you warm and christmassy. These  could also be good stocking fillers for other people!

8) decorate the house

If you haven't already done this (shame on you!) Get those decorations up or even if you have theres always room for improvement when it comes to christmas and the finishing touches always make a big difference so if you have a free day why not do a few DIY decorations!

9) Make some christmas cards

This is for the people who want to make their card a bit more personal or special (not that theres anything wrong with normal ones!) All you have to do is get a piece of coloured card and add some glitter, stickers , paint or anything you want. You could even use a nice picture of you and the person for a special touch and stick it on. (just make sure its not an important picture, dont want to be cutting up any wedding pictures!)

10) And finally a sleep over with your friends!

Over christmas its nice to spend time with family but if you have any spare day were you might get a bit bored why not invite over a few friends make some hot chocolates get out the pop corn and watch a few films. You can never go wrong there!

So thats it for this post 
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See you soon
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Wednesday, 17 December 2014

♥ The Make Up Tag ♥


Heyy Everyone so its blogmas day 17 I can't believe its so close to christmas already!
Today I'm going to do the makeup tag... but to be honest I kind of made this up, so here we go!

1) Foundation or concealer?

Well if I'm going out then probabely foundation but if I'm having a lazy day or just going to 
school I prefer to just use a bit of concealer to give my skin a

2) If you were stuck on a desert island and could only bring one makeup product what would it be?

If I'm being honest I would 
probably choose mascara because I think my skins quiet clear 
normally but my eyes just look weird with nothing on them!!!

3) Mascara or eyeliner?

Literally can't choose their both my life!

4) Do you prefer natural or 
colourful eye shadow?

Definitely natural. Even when I go out I always stick to natural 
colours, I think I just suit them better.

5) whats your least favourite 
makeup crime!

Theres so many... but the worst I think is either the orange 
foundation or the HUGE eye brows!

6) Whats your favourite foundation 
at the moment?

At the moment it keeps changing to be honest but I think the best one I've used so far is the max factor
 mouse foundation so I need to go 
and buy it again!

7) Bronzer or blusher?

At the moment I don't use either because I'm being very lazy but I do want to buy some for christmas and see what looks nice but I 
think a really light pink blusher always looks good as my skins really pale!

8)If you had to either use eye liner as lip stick or lip stick as  eye liner which would you use?

This one depends on the colours and types but I think I would 
choose eye liner on my lips but hopefully it would be a pencil and  a nice red colour or something!!!!

9) If you could only wear eye makeup or skin makeup for the rest 
of your life which would you choose?

I would probably choose eye makeup 
because I feel like my eyes would look weird if they had nothing on with my skin done up but then it would not be great on a bad skin day so I'm not sure...

10) Do you use lip liners?

No I don't at the moment but I'm planning on buying one because I would love to make my lips have 
that flawless look, for example like Kylie Jenner who uses mac lip stick and lip liner!
 (Picture below) 

So Thanks you so much for reading
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Hope you enjoyed and I'll see you tomorrow with another Blogmas post
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Tuesday, 16 December 2014

♥ My top 10 christmas songs ♥

Blogmas:DAY 16 

Helllooo Today I'm going to give you my top christmas songs so that you can go and have a listen and see if you enjoy them just as much as me. I think one of my favourite things about christmas is the music and songs so I wanted to share a few with you so here we go.... In no order

1) Let it snow
2) I wish it could be christmas every day
3) All I want for christmas is you
4) Santa baby
5) winter wonderland
6) Jingle bell Rock
7) Last Christmas
8)Fairy tale of New York 
9) Merry christmas everyone 
10) basically any michael buble christmas song!!

Thanks for reading sorry it was a short blog today but I'll be back tomorrow for another day of blogmas! 
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Hope you enjoy these songs just as much as me!
Pink Picture Girl xxx

Monday, 15 December 2014

♥ Christmas gift ideas ♥

Blogmas: DAY 15

Hello everyone! So today I'm going to give you a few quick and easy ideas for a few christmas presents for your friends or family. Some people might be very organised and have already finished all their christmas shopping, but others might be a bit like me this year and be hurrying around 10 days before christmas trying to find every one gifts (oh my 
god only 10 days left!!) but anyway this is a post for you 
guys to maybe inspire you on a few simple ideas for some 
gifts so lets begin..... 

My first idea is quite simple and its more of a stocking filler than a present. You could give this to someone to to 
go with some fluffy socks and a few beauty or bath products to fill up the bag.  These candles are my personal favourite (yankee) and come in lots of different scents but any brand you prefer is also good.This is a lovely 
christmassy present and although it might seem a little 
strange its lovely to get someone a lovely christmas scent that will fill their home for the whole festive season. Also 
you could buy this along side some bath products and maybe a book so they can light your lovely scented candle 
and relax in the bath reading your book. I always like to get my friends themed gifts. For example I will buy them a movie night set and get them some nice slippers, a new 
mug, a film I know they will love maybe some popcorn and 
a few other goodies I know they will enjoy. I think this makes the gifts more personal and thoughtful and makes a really nice present for who ever you want to give them to.
 (anyway moving on from the candles quickly)

My next idea is just the ted baker make up gift set.Although it doesn't seem very creative it is great! some one got this for me last christmas and I'm still using it (is that sad...oh well) It has a lot of different makeup 
products from bronzer to eye lashes to nail varnishes which
 are all great quality and last for a long time. This is good 
for the people who don't have to much time to get lots of 
little gifts because although its only one set it contains a lot of small items that everyone will enjoy. 

Next is another small idea, and its simply a sweet jar!
These are quick and easy to make and just add a personal touch to the present. So first find a small or big glass jar.Then go and buy your friends favourite sweets and 
goodies to put into the jar. You can make it in layers or just 
put them in randomly. FInally you put on the lid and decorate the jar with ribbons, stickers, flowers and tags.

Another good idea is of course... LUSH. It feels like I'm always talking about lush but its just sooo good. (I mean everyone loves a good bath right!)
There are a few different christmas sets in this year or you can just buy individual products if you prefer, but personally I like to just buy a set because I know that all 
the products inside go well together and are all festive products. Also its pre-wrapped for you so you don't have to worry about wrapping that one! 

Another good brand around christmas is soap and glory, I won't talk too much about this one but I thought I would just mention it. The soap and glory bath products are always one of my favourites around this time of year and its also good to as they do really big sets and small sets so you have a variety to choose from. Out of these I think the best are the body scrubs and moisturisers so I recommend them!

And last but not least is a mug!! Another easy idea but can look really nice as a gift with a few simple touches. So firstly buy your friends a nice christmassy mug that they will love! Then buy a few packets of hot chocolates, some biscuits and marshmallows, some of their favourite mini chocolates for example hero's or quality streets then a candy cane of your choice popping out of the top. Then all you have to do it wrap it up in a clear or sparkly paper with a bow around the top and your finished. This is a nice but effective idea that I'm sure your friend will like! 

So thats all for this post
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I hope you got a few ideas for some presents for your family and friends and I'll see you tomorrow
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Sunday, 14 December 2014

♥ Christmas Make Up Look ♥


Hey guys its day 14. I'm so sorry I missed a few days of blogmas I have just been very busy lately but hopefully I won't be missing any more days because school is finishing in
just a week (YAY) so I will make sure to 
continue with blogmas!!! 

Today I am going to show you how to create a 
good Christmas Day look and show you through my makeup collection and my favourite products.
So lets begin!!

My first product to achieve a nice Christmas 
Day look is of course the wake me up concealer. Every one talks about this 
concealer so I decided to try it out and
definatley lives up to the hype (if thats 
what people say) It has great coverage and 
goes well with foundation to cover your 
problem areas for example under the eyes or 
any spots!

My Next product is the max factor 3 in 1 foundation. This is great because it is a primer, concealer and foundation all in one. 
It doesn't look to thick but gives a natural look, which I think looks very nice.

Next is the Naked pallet by urban decay (number 2) this is another product people always talk about and I only recently tried it out!
I prefer more natural colours when using eye 
shadow such as golds and browns so I like 
the pallet  2 but any colours you prefer are

also good. The eye shadow is so smooth and 
easy to apply to your eye lid and leaves a lovely shimmer affect. It would also be good to use with a creme eye shadow.

My favourite eye liner at the moment is the super cat liquid eye liner by soap and glory. This eye liner is so easy to apply and lasts for long times. It also helps when trying to do flicks or cat eyes as its shaped like a 
felt tip making it easier to use.

My final product for your eyes is the max factor false lash effect mascara. This 
mascara does exactly what it says in the 
name! It leave your lashes looking thicker 
and longer and goes well with the eye liner.
 This is  definately my favourite mascara at 
the moment but a lot of my friends say the benefit mascara is also very good so I'll
 have to get back to you on that one!

Next is the blush bourjois paris (in 92 santal) This is like a cross between blusher and bronzer, its in a lovely pinky gold colour and gives your skin a lovely glow and sparkle!! It works best to use it to contour 
or put on your cheek bones lightly.

Going onto lips firstly is the mac matt red lipstick. This is great around the christmas time as its a really nice festive colour. Normally I'm not a big fan of the matt colours but I think this one looks great especially for christmas!

If your not a big fan of lip stick here is an alternative option. The tanya burr lip stick collection has just brought out some new lip glosses for christmas and I think this colour is great for this look. Its a beautiful red colour with subtle glitter in it to make your lips shimmer and shine!! It lasts all day 
with only a few top ups and its also good for moisturising your lips through out the day.

And finally when applying my eye make up my favourite brushes to use are the ted baker
eye makeup brushes. They come in a vibrant pink colour and are good for getting the eye shadow into the crease or your eye and are very soft and don't pull your eyes. Some 
times I find that certain brushes can be spiky and not easy to use, were as these brushes are great as you only need small amounts of eye shadow on the brush to get a perfect look.

Thats all for this post
Thank you so much for reading and
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I will be back tomorrow with another post
so come and check it out!
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