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Blogmas : Day 11

hey guys really sorry I didn't get around to posting yesterday. I was at a concert and didn't get in until late so of course I decided to do todays post on..

People at concerts!

The first person at a concert is the noisy one. Now I understand they might love the band or person but seriously theres no need to scream for three hours straight. Even when its silent this persons shouting and screaming but really I cant help but laugh sometimes :D

The second person is the dancer (oh no.) of course this person doesn't actually know how to dance and can probably hardly walk in a straight line let alone dance. This person seems to think there in an ibiza night club. Yesterday some one genuinely stood on their back of their chair jumping up and down dancing (everyone just stared.... awkward)

Then theres the tall person (who always seems to be in front of me! So your all sitting down every things fine, your seats are quite good and then the lights go down and you get so excited to see your favourite singer .... but no you probably won't even get to see them because when everyone goes to stand up you realise your behind the BFG (a giant basically) so good luck with that.

Then theres the awkward parents. These poor parents don't have a clue what to do, they probably don't know much about the concert or the people playing and stand still while teenagers go crazy around them. Just awkward.

Then theres the AWFUL singer. I can never tell if there singing badly on purpose or there being serious. They sing soo loud its unbelievable, it would be acceptable if they were good, but unfortunately they feel the need to drown out your favourite music to sing as loud as they can!

Next its the people who just are NOT interested at all in the concert and are just sitting down or on their phones or just looking bored. I don't understand why these people even bother to come and spend their money if they won't enjoy it!

And finally the people who leave early. These people leave about 2 or 3 songs from the end of the show. Now I understand that people would want to avoid the traffic, but why would you go before all their best songs and the finale of the show. If you pay all this money you might as well wait until its finished.

Any ways thats all for this blog 

Thanks for reading and I'll be back tomorrow 
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