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Blogmas: DAY 15

Hello everyone! So today I'm going to give you a few quick and easy ideas for a few christmas presents for your friends or family. Some people might be very organised and have already finished all their christmas shopping, but others might be a bit like me this year and be hurrying around 10 days before christmas trying to find every one gifts (oh my 
god only 10 days left!!) but anyway this is a post for you 
guys to maybe inspire you on a few simple ideas for some 
gifts so lets begin..... 

My first idea is quite simple and its more of a stocking filler than a present. You could give this to someone to to 
go with some fluffy socks and a few beauty or bath products to fill up the bag.  These candles are my personal favourite (yankee) and come in lots of different scents but any brand you prefer is also good.This is a lovely 
christmassy present and although it might seem a little 
strange its lovely to get someone a lovely christmas scent that will fill their home for the whole festive season. Also 
you could buy this along side some bath products and maybe a book so they can light your lovely scented candle 
and relax in the bath reading your book. I always like to get my friends themed gifts. For example I will buy them a movie night set and get them some nice slippers, a new 
mug, a film I know they will love maybe some popcorn and 
a few other goodies I know they will enjoy. I think this makes the gifts more personal and thoughtful and makes a really nice present for who ever you want to give them to.
 (anyway moving on from the candles quickly)

My next idea is just the ted baker make up gift set.Although it doesn't seem very creative it is great! some one got this for me last christmas and I'm still using it (is that sad...oh well) It has a lot of different makeup 
products from bronzer to eye lashes to nail varnishes which
 are all great quality and last for a long time. This is good 
for the people who don't have to much time to get lots of 
little gifts because although its only one set it contains a lot of small items that everyone will enjoy. 

Next is another small idea, and its simply a sweet jar!
These are quick and easy to make and just add a personal touch to the present. So first find a small or big glass jar.Then go and buy your friends favourite sweets and 
goodies to put into the jar. You can make it in layers or just 
put them in randomly. FInally you put on the lid and decorate the jar with ribbons, stickers, flowers and tags.

Another good idea is of course... LUSH. It feels like I'm always talking about lush but its just sooo good. (I mean everyone loves a good bath right!)
There are a few different christmas sets in this year or you can just buy individual products if you prefer, but personally I like to just buy a set because I know that all 
the products inside go well together and are all festive products. Also its pre-wrapped for you so you don't have to worry about wrapping that one! 

Another good brand around christmas is soap and glory, I won't talk too much about this one but I thought I would just mention it. The soap and glory bath products are always one of my favourites around this time of year and its also good to as they do really big sets and small sets so you have a variety to choose from. Out of these I think the best are the body scrubs and moisturisers so I recommend them!

And last but not least is a mug!! Another easy idea but can look really nice as a gift with a few simple touches. So firstly buy your friends a nice christmassy mug that they will love! Then buy a few packets of hot chocolates, some biscuits and marshmallows, some of their favourite mini chocolates for example hero's or quality streets then a candy cane of your choice popping out of the top. Then all you have to do it wrap it up in a clear or sparkly paper with a bow around the top and your finished. This is a nice but effective idea that I'm sure your friend will like! 

So thats all for this post
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I hope you got a few ideas for some presents for your family and friends and I'll see you tomorrow
Pink Picture Girl xxx