♥ Favourite things about winter and christmas!! ♥

Blogmas: Day 8

Hey guys so today I've decided to do a post on my 1 christmas fave I'm going to name what my favourite christmas item is from all the categories   so lets begin!!

So firstly is clothes! 

Of course my clothes favourite for winter are jumpers! It might 
seem obvious but I do actually go crazy with jumpers. I mean all year round I have to make such an effort with clothes and tops but in winter I must admit its a bit lazy but as soon as it get slightly cold I'm into town buying my jumper stash and won't wear anything else until august 1st!! (well maybe not but still) Also there just so comfy and they go with everything so if you don't have one go get 
one because they are a winter must have!!

Next is my favourite winter food/drink!

My favourite winter drink has to be cadbury highlights hot 
chocolate but when I go out with friends its just anything from 
either costa or starbucks because there great!
My favourite winter food is everything, but if i had to pick one its 
soup. I love every soup there all so nice and warm me up as soon as I get inside. Also there so easy to make and my favourites are 
tomato and chicken (especially heinz)

Next is whats your favourite thing about christmas dinner!

We have roast dinner almost every sunday during winter but some thing about Christmas Day makes it taste 10 times I love having it with my family and all talking to each other. I love the table decorations as well as it makes it feel more festive and christmassy. I love to do the christmas 
crackers with my cousins (but I always lose or end up getting nail clippers) But I love breaking them apart seeing what stupid surprise is inside, reading the awful joke and all putting on our coloured paper party hats (I didn't choose the thug life The thug life chose 

In fact I can only think of one slight negative of christmas dinner and that is when you go to leave the house it goes a bit 
like this ...... 

Giving presents or recieving them?

I honestly cant chose I obviously like to wake up on christmas and run down stairs to see what I got and open them all up but equally I love to go christmas shopping a carefully pick out presents for my family and friends which I know they will love. I get so excited to give presents and wait to see there face and see if they like the 
present that I often think about giving it to them early but I manage to stop myself! 

And Finally favourite christmas tradition?

I have a few, but I think my favourite christmas tradition is decorating the tree. I like making it look really nice and festive and adding all the lights and baubles. I think it completes the house and makes it really feel (and smell) like christmas. Also I always steal the candy canes off it!

So thanks so much for reading
See you tomorrow
Pink Picture girl xxx