♥ Get ready with me! ♥

Day 3: blogmas

Hey guys its day 3 and today I'm doing a get ready with me including my favourite products so lets begin!!!

Firstly is the t-zone face scrub. I always use this when washing my face at the start and end of the day. It works so well at preventing spots and moisturising your skin and i defiantly recommend it

secondly is the catastrophe cosmetic face mask from lush. I use this when I get a bath or to relax or if i feel like my skin need refreshing. It contains blueberries and all you do is put it on your 
face wait for it to harden then wash it off. This is one of my 
favourite products for leaving my skin smooth and soft.

Thirdly when i get a bath I will use the dragon egg bath bomb from 
lush!!! Oh My God!!! I cant describe how good it is. It smells amazing, it has a citrus scent which is sweet and i love it. It looks 
plain white from the out side (which creates a white foam) but once you put it in the bath it bursts into colour firstly the layers white 

with multi coloured dots. Then its orange which of course turnsyour bath orange, then my favourite part is the third layer which is 
gold glitter which explodes  into your bath making it sparkle and shine. I think this makes it all the more exciting and is definitelymy favourite lush 
bath bomb and probably product as well! It is definitely 
worthbuying as a gift or for your self.

Next is the Radox berry burst shower cream. Its new and would make a lovely christmas present for a friend as they come in gift 
sets with a nice bag. The thing that drew me in was the smell the smell is just incredible. It was so nice i tried to eat it..... (not a good idea it actually tasted quite salty ) its not extra special skin wise as 
it doesn't do much but it just smells great.

Number 5 I then like to use my honey herbal essence hair mask. I 
was first introduced to this on my birthday when my friend bought it for me as part of a present and since then its my life. I only use it on the bottom part of my hair not the top but it gives your hair great 
volume and leaves it so soft and smelling of honey!

Finally if I'm going out I will sometimes curl my hair. I never used to do this as my hair is so straight that the curls used to fall out within minutes but soon I came across this device.... the diva curling wand! (the purple skinny one.) If your like me and are hopeless with curly hair this is great as it holds your hair and leaves it with amazing curls!!!!

Thats it for today
see you tomorrow and thanks for reading
Love from 
Pink picture girl xxx