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Day 5: blogmas

Heyyyy its day 5 oh my goshhhh (look at her butt) sorry I just had to if you don't understand its nicki manaj (has to explain her own joke oh no...)
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Anyways todays blog is christmas decoration ideas
I'll be showing you guys some of my own decorations and giving you some inspiration...
So with out further a do
Le christmas decorationnssss

The fluffy toy corner

SO my first decoration is fluffy toys and candles. It might sound strange but if you put a table in the corner of your bedroom or living room and gather fluffy christmas toys for example reindeers or
snow men and put them together it can create a nice cozy effect and by adding a candle of your
choice (preferably scented) it can make it seem like a santa's grotto in your own home!  You can also
get christmas scented candles from places like home bargins marks and spencers or get a yankee
candel online or in shops.

Stair decorations

My next decoration idea is for your bannister or stair railing. I think its always good to put up little finishing touches around the house. For my stairs I put holly and lights going up the bannister and a cute christmas sign at the end to welcome people in during the festive season (aww cute)

The lightsss

Another good idea is a light up corner!! Gather all of your decorations that glow, shine and sparkle and put them on a certain table or window sill were you think it would look nice. During the evening you can turn off the lights, put on a christmas film (like elf!) and turn on your own private christmas display to get you in the mood.


The traditional theme

My next idea is for any of you who have any book shelves or fire places. Something that I think looks really nice around this time of year is to get two matching christmas statues or teddys of your choice and put them either side of your shelf. Then you can put your favourite candle in the middle and whala your done (I probably spelt that very wrong) This is a quick and simple idea if you don't have the time for big decorations.


And finally of course is the tree. I think there is two ways you can go when decorating the tree. You can either go mad and put on every bauble and mulit-coloured light in sight on there or stick to a colour scheme. In my house my family like to stick to a colour scheme this year its red and gold but other festive colours to use could be sliver, bronze (and I would say green but it might look strange on a green tree...) but to be honest anything you do will probably end up looking nice and also its nice when you make it special to you maybe by making homemade ornaments or adding little chocolates for an extra touch. If your having trouble thinking of things to put on the tree heres some ideas....

tinsel (who doesn't love abit of sparkle)
Lights to put around the tree
A star or angel on top of the tree
Baubles or any colour or shape
Home made ornaments
Candy canes or hanging chocolates
Ribbons and bows
or really just any thing you want!!!!

So this blog was short and sweet
but I'll be back tomorrow with another post
Please comment any suggestions on what you would like to see
Thanks for reading
Pink picture girl xxxx