♥ The Christmas Tag ♥

Day 1: Blogmas

Hey everyone!
This December I have decided to do blogmas!
This means I will be doing a blog everyday up until christmas (and maybe after)
As its the 1st of december I just couldn't contain myself so obviously the first thing to pop into my head was the christmas tag.
Just to let you know now christmas is my favourite time of the year for so many reasons. Its just the whole feeling of it... which I'm sure you will understand by the end of this.

When ever I do this type of thing like quizes the only thing I can think of with every question is the countdown theme tune! Sorry if I just ruined this for you as I'm sure everyone will be doing exactly the same now but anyways
So without further a do.... The christmas tag

Question number 1 (serious face)

Whats your favourite christmas film?

How can I possibly have just one!
Well I suppose I have a few elf is such a good film its funny festive and just reminds me of my younger days...(I am elderly)
Second has to be home alone of course its just the best. Its always on Tv around this time of year so

its hard to not watch it! Also its like my family's tradition to watch it at least 100 times during December.... we even have 5 box sets.
Third is the nativity 1 2 and now 3. Its just to good conversation over! (I joke I joke)
and last but not least is the disney version of a christmas carol.
I feel like the old ones can be a bit weird and this ones just more light hearted and festive which I enjoy. But anyways finally onto...

Question 2

Whats your favourite christmas treat?

Well how can I possibly chose between all the amazing foods...or in other words CHOCOLATE. I
just cant explain how much I love it all year round but especially at christmas when theres things like

terry's chocolate orange and after eights YUM is all I can say!

Question 3

Have you ever had a white christmas?

Yes I have actually, a few years ago I think although I haven't got the best memory. I live in England so its not exactly slacking on being absolutely freezing but I do love the snow. Every time it snows I'm like a little kid running outside making snow men, sledging, doing snow angels and then soon getting frostbite feeling like my hand will fall off then attempting to heat the with a hot chocolate, which of course makes it worse ( I never learn)

Question 4

whats your favourite christmas song?

I have a few (again)
1) let it snow
2) all I want for christmas is you
3) Its beginning to look a lot like christmas
4) Santa Claus is coming to town

Question 5

Favourite christmas colours?

First I love silver because it just looks like the stars (very deep)
then Red, gold and green, for certain things

Question 6

Favourite christmas smell?

Definitely the smell of the christmas tree (pine) or ginger bread.

Question 7

Favourite christmas drink?

Recently I have started to love Ginger bread latte from starbucks or costa or just hot chocolate of course.

Qustion 8

Dream place to visit for christmas

Definitely New York it looks great!

 Question 9

Real christmas tree or fake?

Real It doesn't feel like christmas to me without one!!!

Question 10 (final you will be happy to know)

What are your favourite things about christmas?

This christmas I'm just looking forward to everything really
The time off school
christmas shopping with my friends
Ice skating!
Winter clothes and cozy pjs
Buying people presents
decorating the house and tree
Snow (hopefully)
christmas lights on every street
christmas dinners
my advent calendar
christmas films
and of course just spending time with friends and family!

Thats all for this blog.
Please leave some of your favourite things about christmas in the comments.
Thanks for reading I hope you enjoyed also please share or subscribe.
Happy 1st of december
Pink picture girl xx