♥ THE family party ♥

 Day 7: blogmas

Hey guys I'm really sorry I didn't get around to doing a post yesterday as I was quite busy but hopefully I'm back on track soo
Todays post is Family partys but not just any family party THE family party

Around this time of year lots of people hold family party's (or gatherings of relatives you don't actually know but they seem to know your life story)

and theres always one dreaded party that pops up out of no where and hits you like a brick (weird explanation there, do bricks even hit you???) anyway this party (or gathering) is one you cant avoid one were everything living breathing closest or furthest relatives attend and things happen and sometimes you go home wanting to be part of a new family (or for me finally understand why you turned out so weird)

So this is THE family party

This party for me happened yesterday (although there will probably be several more)

The first thing that always happens is your greeted at the door by someone you don't know. Then you feel like people are staring at you and you begin wondering whether theres something wrong with your clothes,hair,makeup or just everything and I always end up panicking and hiding behind family members I know for example my mum (oh no)
Then we will proceed to the food were its either great or absolutely horrible (Im sure you can guess which it was yesterday)
I just had to avoid all contact with the food and basically run away.

Then theres the moment you need the toilet
You don't want to ask because its awkward, you cant just go as its rude and when ever you try and find it its like trying to find nice clothes before going out (impossible)

Next is when people start to dance ohhhh nooooo my family can be so embarrassing when dancing you dont understand everyone was either doing the cha cha slide or sitting starring in disgust because they were not "the dancing type" so unfortunately my relatives are the dancers so I either had to dance or stand at the side on my own looking lonely and awkward ( bearing in mind my phone had just run out of charge, worst timing ever) so of course I took and big sip of my 7 up (what a rebel) took off my shoes (because why not) and totally went for it and I mean I was doing the michael jackson moon walk, well maybe not. But being honest over all it was quite fun and I love partys around christmas with all my family and just being able to see everyone.
I hope you all enjoy your christmas partys this year (maybe be a bit less awkward than me)

And I'll see you tomorrow
Thanks for reading
Pink picture girl xxx