♥ The Make Up Tag ♥


Heyy Everyone so its blogmas day 17 I can't believe its so close to christmas already!
Today I'm going to do the makeup tag... but to be honest I kind of made this up, so here we go!

1) Foundation or concealer?

Well if I'm going out then probabely foundation but if I'm having a lazy day or just going to 
school I prefer to just use a bit of concealer to give my skin a

2) If you were stuck on a desert island and could only bring one makeup product what would it be?

If I'm being honest I would 
probably choose mascara because I think my skins quiet clear 
normally but my eyes just look weird with nothing on them!!!

3) Mascara or eyeliner?

Literally can't choose their both my life!

4) Do you prefer natural or 
colourful eye shadow?

Definitely natural. Even when I go out I always stick to natural 
colours, I think I just suit them better.

5) whats your least favourite 
makeup crime!

Theres so many... but the worst I think is either the orange 
foundation or the HUGE eye brows!

6) Whats your favourite foundation 
at the moment?

At the moment it keeps changing to be honest but I think the best one I've used so far is the max factor
 mouse foundation so I need to go 
and buy it again!

7) Bronzer or blusher?

At the moment I don't use either because I'm being very lazy but I do want to buy some for christmas and see what looks nice but I 
think a really light pink blusher always looks good as my skins really pale!

8)If you had to either use eye liner as lip stick or lip stick as  eye liner which would you use?

This one depends on the colours and types but I think I would 
choose eye liner on my lips but hopefully it would be a pencil and  a nice red colour or something!!!!

9) If you could only wear eye makeup or skin makeup for the rest 
of your life which would you choose?

I would probably choose eye makeup 
because I feel like my eyes would look weird if they had nothing on with my skin done up but then it would not be great on a bad skin day so I'm not sure...

10) Do you use lip liners?

No I don't at the moment but I'm planning on buying one because I would love to make my lips have 
that flawless look, for example like Kylie Jenner who uses mac lip stick and lip liner!
 (Picture below) 

So Thanks you so much for reading
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Hope you enjoyed and I'll see you tomorrow with another Blogmas post
Pink Pink Girl xxx