♥ Things To Do Over The Christmas Holidays! ♥

Blogmas:DAY 19

Hello today I have decided to do a post on what you can do this christmas. As it is the first day of the holidays tomorrow heres a few nice ideas on how to spend your christmas!

1) Go and see a christmas film

You could get some friends or your family and organise to go and see a nice christmas film at the cinema, or you could even organise it at your 
house and invite a few people over to watch one a your favourite films as this is a nice way to get you and your friends in the festive mood!

2) Go ice skating!

I just love ice skating around this time of year and I think its so much fun during winter and its a great way to get out of your house and see your friends during the cold season! Even if your not the best skater and always seem to fall 
over (like me) its still great fun!

3) A walk in the park

This might seem like a strange one for winter but I think its nice to wrap up warm with a fluffy scarf and bobble hat and have a nice walk around the park. This is even better if is snowing as your can have snow ball fights, build snow men and look at the lovely scenery covered in white snow! You can then 
finish off with a hot chocolate or some chips in the cafe (or if your me both!)

4) Go sledging!

Now unfortunately you can only do this if it snows and I know that it won't snow were some of you live and it doesn't look like it will snow were I live this year either but if it does you need to have your sledge prepared and friends on speed dial and get to the nearest hill because trust me it is so much fun!!

5) Go for a hot drink

This may sound obvious but I think going to costa or starbucks or any other drinks cafe and getting your favourite festive drinks is a nice thing to do around christmas.

6) Go christmas shopping! (obviously)

Go out with some friends or family and just buy all the presents you need for christmas to wrap and but under the tree. I always love to buy nice presents that I know that that person will like and watch their face when they open it!!

7) Buy something fluffy!!!

Might sound weird! But go and buy your self some fluffy socks, pjs, gloves or anything you want to keep you warm and christmassy. These  could also be good stocking fillers for other people!

8) decorate the house

If you haven't already done this (shame on you!) Get those decorations up or even if you have theres always room for improvement when it comes to christmas and the finishing touches always make a big difference so if you have a free day why not do a few DIY decorations!

9) Make some christmas cards

This is for the people who want to make their card a bit more personal or special (not that theres anything wrong with normal ones!) All you have to do is get a piece of coloured card and add some glitter, stickers , paint or anything you want. You could even use a nice picture of you and the person for a special touch and stick it on. (just make sure its not an important picture, dont want to be cutting up any wedding pictures!)

10) And finally a sleep over with your friends!

Over christmas its nice to spend time with family but if you have any spare day were you might get a bit bored why not invite over a few friends make some hot chocolates get out the pop corn and watch a few films. You can never go wrong there!

So thats it for this post 
Thanks for reading and I would love if you would leave me a comment on anything you want to see.
See you soon
Pink Picture Girl xxx