♥ How to be a better you! ♥

 Day 4: blogmas

Today I have decided to do a post on How to be a better you!! I think its important to believe in yourself and feel confident and proud of everything you do so heres a list that think might help you to become a better you xxx

So I think the most important thing to do to make your self feel better and more confident is to NOT (i repeat not) compare yourself to others. Now mostly people don't even realise when there doing it and I definitely do it myself sometimes. For example, if you do a test and get 90% and you feel great because its the best you have ever got, but as soon as you realise all of your friends got 100% you feel bad and like you haven't done well. This is wrong. You only need to measure your self and your progress against your self and your personal  best not other peoples. This also relates to if you look at some one and think wow I wish my hair was that long or something along those lines. You shouldn't worry about what other people have but focus on what you have because theres probably some one else looking at you and thinking how nice are her eyes! You need to think about the positives of your self rather than other people.

Secondly do things that make you happy! Sometimes I might put off going to a club or something because I think, oh i can't be bothered or theres something good on tv. Its important to start doing hobbies you enjoy. Some examples are cooking, running, sports, sewing just anything you like. Also This way you can meet new people and widen your friendship groups which is always good. By doing these activities it will make you feel better and might even end up using it in the future.

Another good thing to do is surround yourself with good people. The people you are friends with effects a lot of things in your life. If you ever feel uncomfortable or unhappy with your friendship group maybe its time to move on and make new friends that you can be your self around and be really close to. Close friends can make you feel better as they will support you and you can stay in contact until your old (and wrinkled!!!!)

Linking to your friends make sure your decisions are not being influenced by other people. Make sure you do what you want to do and don't feel pressured by other people.

Next is to keep contact! You might think there is no difference between talking to someone over text or in person. There definitely is. Its important to talk to people regularly and not feel as if you are alone. Even if you don't feel this way its still important to get out the house have some fresh air and talk to your friends. Arranging to meet up with friends once a week is no effort at all and can make you feel a lot happier. You need to get out there and create fun and happy memories to look back on when your older because after all a text isn't there forever but friends and memories are (way to deep there haha)

And finally my final message is that there is no such thing as perfect it sounds so cheesy but its true. Everyone has different ideas of perfect so how can it possible exist! The most important thing is to be yourself, have your morals and just be happy.

Thats all for this blog
I do apologise for the cheesy message but I'm back tomorrow with a christmassy post so make sure to take a look.
Thanks for reading
Pink picture girl xx