♥ What I got for christmas 2014!!! ♥

Hellooo everyone 
Now firstly I think its safe to say I failed blogmas badly! But in my defence my wifi was cut off and  I have been VERY busy this christmas but luckily the wifi is 
back on there fore I can start 
posting again! As it is already 
the end of blogmas :( I have decided that I am going to start doing posts every monday and see how it goes! 

So as its 3 days after christmas I 

decided to show you a few things I 
got for christmas these are mostly 
presents from my family or Santa
So firstly I'll show you a few 
bath things I got.

So the first item is of course a 
lush bath bomb set. Now Im not 
actually sure what its called 
because I stupidly took off the
 label but I think its 
something like merry christmas and 
inside it has all my favourite lush christmas treats and is 
definatley going to last a while.

I was also given the magic star 
which is a pink bubble bar which 
you can keep reusing which I think 
is great. Another bath bomb I was 
given in my stocking was the 
stary night one. This is the only one from my collection I have
actually got round to using but I 
definately recommend it. It turn 
your bath into lots of different 
colours and smells great so here 
is a short video of it just to give you an idea of what its like!

So my next bath product is the 
soap and glory set!

The soap and glory set that i have contains a soap scubber/ buffer 
puffer, a hand cream, a body 
scrub, shower jel and body butter.
 This is a great gift and all 
smells great and leaves your skin 
nice and smooth!

My next product is the sweet treat 
bath collection which has a ginger bread bath fizzer, a red soap 
scubber, sugar apple and merry 
cherry bath salts and body lotion in the flavours orange spice vanilla frosting and cookie dough!

So moving on to comfort items.

Firstly is my fluffy sheep socks/slippers which are super 

Then my dog hot water bottle! Which is nice and warm for cold 
winter nights.

Next is of course my fleecy tatty bear pjs which are really cute and warm which is good because my 
bedroom is sooo cold.

And finally is a few of my sweets and chocolates which I'm sure will be gone in the next 3 seconds!

Next lets go onto technology. So 
I didnt get anything big this year but heres a few bits and bobs!!

So first is some new apple head phones! Now this might not seem interesting but I really needed some because I lost my old ones and had to go through the 
struggle of no head phones for a whole month (oh my god)

Next is my pug Iphone case and its soo cute :0 and it even has little diamonds on!

And finally it might seem really boring but their useful ok! These are a pair of black gloves which you can also use on your iphone so  
you don't have to take off your 
gloves which I thinks so good 
because my hands get so cold so easily its unbelievable!

So next is jewellery

So my first item is a charm for my pandora bracelet, I got this bracelet at the start of the year and I love being able to pick out charms to add to it. This once is 
just plain silver which see 
through hearts on it which is quite simple but looks nice along side the others!

Next is a few pairs of ear rings which I really needed because I lost most of mine! 

Next is a jewellery stand which you can put bracelets and necklaces on. I think this is really good because it looks really nice on your desk or bed side table but also prevents your 
jewellery getting tangled.

And last but not least is beauty products. 

So firstly I got the pink tangle teaser which is so good and makes your hair soft and untangled. Its easy to use and also small so you can take it any were you want!

And finally is the Elizabeth Arden make up set which contains 4 lip sticks 2 eye liners 2 lip liners 3 brushes (which are really soft and great for applying your makeup.) a mascara, 2 eye shadow pallets, 2 lip glosses and a makeup remover. These are all great quality and I love them!!!

So thank you so much for reading.
Please comment or share my blog and I'll see you next week!
Pink picture Girl xxx