♥ What not to do in winter!! ♥



Day 2: Blogmas

Hey guys sorry about the late night blog (Normally I'm asleep by now) i just haven't had time to write a very long blog yet today as I've been quite busy so I decided to do a very quick what not to do during winter!!

Although winter is one of my favourite times of year, especially christmas there are one or two thing that people do that leave me thinking WHAT!
so anyways this is what not to do in winter....

1) Firstly certain people think it is necessary to parade around in shorts in freezing temperatures. I live in England so its never acceptable to wear shorts in winter, yet some girls do it! This person normally feels the need to wear a coat or fluffy hat yet cant seem to manage to put a pair of jeans on 
or at least something to stop their legs turning blue. I mean being serious these people might as well be wearing blue tights as often we cant even tell the difference.

2)  That one person who always gets the cold food. This person will get the slush when everyone gets a hot chocolate or an ice cream when everyone gets chips then wonders why they are possibly feeling cold. This person seems to not understand how warm food well keeps you warm and cold food well doesn't!

3) The person who ALWAYS falls over. Now in England its normally icy on the ground around this type of year or if not it wet and rainy. This person always seems to manage to fall down knocking everyone over with them. If theres any kind of bump in the ground or any ice or water on the floor you can guarantee this persons foot will manage to find it and trip on it and FALL OVER! (i mean all the time!)
Actually I cant talk because unfortunately I have had a few trips in my time and i suppose I'll have to tell you one time......

 well It was just after school, stupidly for this term i had decided to buy slip on shoes (not a good choice) it was of course winter so the floors and roads were icy. I was walking all causally along the road to the bus stop with my friends until suddenly I tripped but not only did i trip I ended up slipping off the pavement onto the road and under a parker car and bruising all my leg! After a lot of sliding back and forth and assistance from my friends (who were in tears laughing at this point) i finally managed to pull myself from under the car, only to realise i had one shoe on. I realised my shoe must have fallen off so me and my friends spent what felt like the next hour using large sticks to try and get my shoe back. After a while a figure started to approach us. At first we were confused at the situation but then realised it must be the owner of the car. The person looked annoyed we couldn't figure out why until we realised. We were a group of school girls with large sticks huddled around her car, with 2 of us on the floor poking at the underneath of the car. Only then did we realise this did not look good. So of course as quickly as we could we grabbed the shoe and ran down the road catching the bus just in time to escape! I must admit it was not my best day.... moving on

4) people who are never cold. These people are the strange kind that you could put in a freezer and they would still complain of being hot. When everyone else has hypothermia this person will be having heat stroke (exaggeration) but honestly, I'm quite normal i feel hot if its hot or cold if its cold and not much difference, but through out the winter when it is sooooo cold its unbelievable this person will be sweating and having ice cream!

but anyways thanks so much for reading
sorry it was a quick blog today there was so much more I wanted to write but theres no time left so I'll see you soon 
Pink picture girl xxx