Tuesday, 27 January 2015

♥ Day Out Ideas ♥

Hey guys so today I thought I would do a post on my day out with my friends. Recently it was my friends birthday and rather than having a party we decided to have a cute day in town with just out close group of friends so I thought I could share it with you 
and maybe give you some 
inspiration or ideas for when you want to organise a fun day out with your friends during the holidays or weekend especially around winter time so here we go....

So to start the day we all met for
 a nice breakfast at our local 
cafe. We live in england and went to a place in liverpool called 
thetavern so if you live in that 
area I would definately recommend it. So we met for breakfast and 
booked our table and were seated in the corner in what looked like a cute log cabin area! It was decorated with lovely painting and art work and we were offered with tea or coffee on arrival. (which was unlimited!! who doesn't love that)
Any way so we all sat with our cute tea cups sipping away and 
browsed throught the menu. There was a lot of things to chose from from full english to eggs benedict 
to blue berry pancakes and in the 
end we all ordered the same thing which had been recommened to us by one of my friends! So we ordered 
the breakfast at tiffinys which 
had rashers of bacon (BACON) light scambled eggs and pancakes which came with a nice syrup on the 
side.(picture below)

So we ate away while dicussing our world problems (in other words makeup,girl problems and theusual) and then had yet another
 tea (even though very recently I 
have had an obsession with coffee) and finally after a while we 
decided to leave the warm breakfast to venture to the cold bus stop to go to town! (below)

So on our little adventure we got on the bus and bought our day tickets and lets just say he journey was very ....Eventful lets leave it there! 

So we managed to survive the bus 
journey (even thought I do get the bus everyday) and made our way to the odeon cinema to see of courseinto the woods! So we bought our tickets and bought our tango 
ice blasts becauase its not a cinema trip with out one! (if you 
haven't tried a tango ice blast 
you need to very soon!!) Then went into thecinema to enjoy the film. I would definately recommned the film its a great film with all my favourite actors and who doesn't love disney right?? Its my childhood! Into the woods is still 
in cinemas so if you haven't seen it go check it out because I'm sure you will enjoy it!

So after our cinema trip we made 
 our way to star bucks (best place ever) and of course my friend fell down the escalator spilling her packet of chocolates down the
stairs (it was going to happen at some point I mean there hadn't been a disaster all day!) Naturally we were all more concerned about the chocolate splattered across the floor than our friend (I mean its chocolate isn't it? we all have priorities) but luckliy she was fine except for the trauma over the
chocolates. So after we had all 
recovered we got back on track to star bucks and waited in a VERY LONG queue well I guess star bucks
is very popular! So I got my faovurite drink the caramel frappochino which was amazing and I definately would recommend it 
for you all to try! And then for sat down for about 2 hours just chatting and having fun which I thought was a great way to end the day!

So I hope this gives you a few ideas as to what you could do on days out with your friends some other ideas are...

ice skating
Roller blading 
A movie day
Sleep overs (always great!)
Shopping/into town
walk in the park

and anything else you like!

So I hope you liked reading about my little adventure!
comment below any of your funny memories or days out you have had and I will make sure to reply

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Thanks for reading see you next week!
Pink picture Girl xx

Thursday, 22 January 2015

♥ My christmas lush products- Reviews ♥

Make sure to check out my youtube video 
were I tested a few products.

Lush bath products: http://youtu.be/ajXtQsz2jHc

(I made two videos due as after uploading the quality wasn't great so take a look at both!)

So todays blog post is on My lush products!
Most of these are from the christmas gift set (above) but there are a few others and also a 
few alternatives if you cant get hold of the 
christmas versions.... Another note I want 
every one to know that I am planning to post every monday and on occasion a friday! 
 So anyway lets begin

The magic wand

Firstly lets start with the magic wand. This is one of my favourite products because it is reusable and you can reuse it about 5-6 
times. It is a bubble bar and leaves you bath 
pink and full of bubbles! Its also one of my 
favourite christmas scents snow fairy which 
lush use in a lot of products around this time 
of year.

Shooting star bath bomb

Next lets move on to my second favourite 
product the shooting star bath bomb. This is by far the best bath bomb for the design it leaves behind! It leaves your bath full of 
colour and looking like a starry sky. This bath 
bomb is definately one to use before bed as its relaxing and leaves a lovely smell!

Golden wonder

Next is the golden wonder bath bomb. Again this leaves a lovely pattern in your bath with pinks yellows and blues and brightens up your day! On the out side it is a golden and 
glittery present but inside its bursting with 
colour and also has an amazing citrus scent 
(like the dragons egg which is my favourite bath bomb!!)

The Santa Claus bath bomb

Now for my next one you may be thinking really santa in january?! but in my defence its never to early to prepare for christmas also if any of you did purchase this at christmas heres an idea of what it does!! So it is shaped 
as a Father Christmas face (as i am sure you 
guessed) and smells like tbe sweets love 
hearts (if you know what they are!) when you put it on the bath it explodes into a lovely green christmassy colour!! 

So next is this AMAZING green bath bomb. When you put this into the bath straight away a layer a red pours out and the bath bomb begins to crackle like popping candy (very festive) this leaves a beautiful red and white 
foam on the top a candy cane sort of pattern 
and the water a deep red colour!

The cinders bath bomb

Next on the list is the cinders bath bomb! My favourite thing about this bath bomb is it has popping candy which means when you put it in the water it begins to swirl and pop around the bath. It smells of cinnamon which not 
everyone likes but I love! It doesnt make bubble or foam but it does turn the bath a dark yellow colour. This bath bomb is probabely best for a small bath as its quite small so it will work best with less water! 

The blue and yellow bubble bar!

And finally last but not least is the blue and yellow bubble bar (Im not sure of the name!!!) This is great as it is reuseable which means all you have to do is break abit of it off put it 
under the tap and the start of the bath and wait for the bubbles to start! Its smells great and creates amazing bubbles with only a small amount of it meaning you can use it at least 5 times.

So thank you so much for reading! 
Sorry about this late post but next week will be more organised I promise!!

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See you next monday
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Monday, 19 January 2015

♥ My 5 top tips for school ♥

Hello guys!! 

Firstly I want to apologise for missing last monday It was a friends birthday
and its been a busy week!! But anyway to make up for lost time I will be doing two more blog posts this week! (yay) On Thursday and Friday!

But I have finally came up with an organised schedule meaning from now
on I will be uploading every mondays and fridays and is there is a reason I can't one day I will let you know on my instagram page! 
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Any way as its quite late and Im such a fail and deleted my whole blog post on my lush products (coming on thursday) that I don't have time to do another long post heres 5 quick tips on how to survive school!!


1) Surround your self with true friends and good people.
I know from experience that the people you hang around with during school makes your school work and how you
feel so different so please make sure to surround your self with people that make you happy and just ignore any one else!

2) Do your homework before the night before, I dont even do this but on the rare occasion I do I feel a lot more relaxed and less stressed!

3) Be organised (unlike me) Simple things like packing your bag the night before and planning your breakfast makes the day go more smoothly.

4) Have a balance of work and free
time! Although its good to work hard you also need abit of time off now and again so your not to stressed or if your the opposite try and get abit of work done!!

5) take every oppurtunity.
How I think about this is ask yourself if I do this now and fail, It won't matter in say a few months weeks or days but if I dont do this I will never know whatcould have happened and might really regret it when your older because you might only have the oppurtunity once (too deep) 

But please come back for my two posts near the end of the week and please comment or follow me on instagram or google plus!

Thanks for reading 
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Monday, 12 January 2015

♥ Its a New year- 2015! ♥

Hey guys so sorry I forgot to post this blog last week even though I had wrote it out just didn't post! (only I would do that!) but here it is the new year blog post thingy!

So its a new year and people might feel a pressure to change or try and make resolutions but dont. what your best doing is not setting resolutions like to get up early then it lasting a week!! (which is what I do) But rather actually setting goals for each month of the year writing them down and ticking them off as you go. This is a good thing to do as at the end of 2015 you can look back and know you achieved a few things you wanted to do this year!! You could even take photos of the thing and make a journal or scrap book and if you do this every year it would have some amazing memories for when your older so firstly you need a note pad!!

Write down the 12 months and what you want to do in each of them!

Next buy or make a scrap book!!

where you can add photos and maybe write about what you did that month. You can add different decorations around the boarder which will make it special and more creative and also it will make a fun arts and crafts day.

Here are my goals for 2015!

January: Be more organised (not going to happen)
February: Get more exercise!
March: Read a full Book (not 2 pages)
April: Attempt to eat less chocolate before easter!!
May: Have an amazing birthday!
June: Make an effort with everything I do
July:Go out to more interesting places
August: Be more active and do things out side of the house before summers over!!

September: Do more of what I enjoy to start off the school year.
October: Have an amazing halloween!
Novemeber: Do something I haven't done before
December: Spend time with family and enjoy CHRISTMAS!!

And my overall goal for the year is to have a successful blog here and be positive about everything I do!!

So leave a comment of some of your goals for this year and let me know anything you want to see on my blog.
Also watch out as on Tuesday I'll be posting this weeks blog so please take a look.

Thanks for reading Pink picture girl xxx