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Hey guys so today I thought I would do a post on my day out with my friends. Recently it was my friends birthday and rather than having a party we decided to have a cute day in town with just out close group of friends so I thought I could share it with you 
and maybe give you some 
inspiration or ideas for when you want to organise a fun day out with your friends during the holidays or weekend especially around winter time so here we go....

So to start the day we all met for
 a nice breakfast at our local 
cafe. We live in england and went to a place in liverpool called 
thetavern so if you live in that 
area I would definately recommend it. So we met for breakfast and 
booked our table and were seated in the corner in what looked like a cute log cabin area! It was decorated with lovely painting and art work and we were offered with tea or coffee on arrival. (which was unlimited!! who doesn't love that)
Any way so we all sat with our cute tea cups sipping away and 
browsed throught the menu. There was a lot of things to chose from from full english to eggs benedict 
to blue berry pancakes and in the 
end we all ordered the same thing which had been recommened to us by one of my friends! So we ordered 
the breakfast at tiffinys which 
had rashers of bacon (BACON) light scambled eggs and pancakes which came with a nice syrup on the 
side.(picture below)

So we ate away while dicussing our world problems (in other words makeup,girl problems and theusual) and then had yet another
 tea (even though very recently I 
have had an obsession with coffee) and finally after a while we 
decided to leave the warm breakfast to venture to the cold bus stop to go to town! (below)

So on our little adventure we got on the bus and bought our day tickets and lets just say he journey was very ....Eventful lets leave it there! 

So we managed to survive the bus 
journey (even thought I do get the bus everyday) and made our way to the odeon cinema to see of courseinto the woods! So we bought our tickets and bought our tango 
ice blasts becauase its not a cinema trip with out one! (if you 
haven't tried a tango ice blast 
you need to very soon!!) Then went into thecinema to enjoy the film. I would definately recommned the film its a great film with all my favourite actors and who doesn't love disney right?? Its my childhood! Into the woods is still 
in cinemas so if you haven't seen it go check it out because I'm sure you will enjoy it!

So after our cinema trip we made 
 our way to star bucks (best place ever) and of course my friend fell down the escalator spilling her packet of chocolates down the
stairs (it was going to happen at some point I mean there hadn't been a disaster all day!) Naturally we were all more concerned about the chocolate splattered across the floor than our friend (I mean its chocolate isn't it? we all have priorities) but luckliy she was fine except for the trauma over the
chocolates. So after we had all 
recovered we got back on track to star bucks and waited in a VERY LONG queue well I guess star bucks
is very popular! So I got my faovurite drink the caramel frappochino which was amazing and I definately would recommend it 
for you all to try! And then for sat down for about 2 hours just chatting and having fun which I thought was a great way to end the day!

So I hope this gives you a few ideas as to what you could do on days out with your friends some other ideas are...

ice skating
Roller blading 
A movie day
Sleep overs (always great!)
Shopping/into town
walk in the park

and anything else you like!

So I hope you liked reading about my little adventure!
comment below any of your funny memories or days out you have had and I will make sure to reply

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Thanks for reading see you next week!
Pink picture Girl xx