♥ My 5 top tips for school ♥

Hello guys!! 

Firstly I want to apologise for missing last monday It was a friends birthday
and its been a busy week!! But anyway to make up for lost time I will be doing two more blog posts this week! (yay) On Thursday and Friday!

But I have finally came up with an organised schedule meaning from now
on I will be uploading every mondays and fridays and is there is a reason I can't one day I will let you know on my instagram page! 
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Any way as its quite late and Im such a fail and deleted my whole blog post on my lush products (coming on thursday) that I don't have time to do another long post heres 5 quick tips on how to survive school!!


1) Surround your self with true friends and good people.
I know from experience that the people you hang around with during school makes your school work and how you
feel so different so please make sure to surround your self with people that make you happy and just ignore any one else!

2) Do your homework before the night before, I dont even do this but on the rare occasion I do I feel a lot more relaxed and less stressed!

3) Be organised (unlike me) Simple things like packing your bag the night before and planning your breakfast makes the day go more smoothly.

4) Have a balance of work and free
time! Although its good to work hard you also need abit of time off now and again so your not to stressed or if your the opposite try and get abit of work done!!

5) take every oppurtunity.
How I think about this is ask yourself if I do this now and fail, It won't matter in say a few months weeks or days but if I dont do this I will never know whatcould have happened and might really regret it when your older because you might only have the oppurtunity once (too deep) 

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