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So todays blog post is on My lush products!
Most of these are from the christmas gift set (above) but there are a few others and also a 
few alternatives if you cant get hold of the 
christmas versions.... Another note I want 
every one to know that I am planning to post every monday and on occasion a friday! 
 So anyway lets begin

The magic wand

Firstly lets start with the magic wand. This is one of my favourite products because it is reusable and you can reuse it about 5-6 
times. It is a bubble bar and leaves you bath 
pink and full of bubbles! Its also one of my 
favourite christmas scents snow fairy which 
lush use in a lot of products around this time 
of year.

Shooting star bath bomb

Next lets move on to my second favourite 
product the shooting star bath bomb. This is by far the best bath bomb for the design it leaves behind! It leaves your bath full of 
colour and looking like a starry sky. This bath 
bomb is definately one to use before bed as its relaxing and leaves a lovely smell!

Golden wonder

Next is the golden wonder bath bomb. Again this leaves a lovely pattern in your bath with pinks yellows and blues and brightens up your day! On the out side it is a golden and 
glittery present but inside its bursting with 
colour and also has an amazing citrus scent 
(like the dragons egg which is my favourite bath bomb!!)

The Santa Claus bath bomb

Now for my next one you may be thinking really santa in january?! but in my defence its never to early to prepare for christmas also if any of you did purchase this at christmas heres an idea of what it does!! So it is shaped 
as a Father Christmas face (as i am sure you 
guessed) and smells like tbe sweets love 
hearts (if you know what they are!) when you put it on the bath it explodes into a lovely green christmassy colour!! 

So next is this AMAZING green bath bomb. When you put this into the bath straight away a layer a red pours out and the bath bomb begins to crackle like popping candy (very festive) this leaves a beautiful red and white 
foam on the top a candy cane sort of pattern 
and the water a deep red colour!

The cinders bath bomb

Next on the list is the cinders bath bomb! My favourite thing about this bath bomb is it has popping candy which means when you put it in the water it begins to swirl and pop around the bath. It smells of cinnamon which not 
everyone likes but I love! It doesnt make bubble or foam but it does turn the bath a dark yellow colour. This bath bomb is probabely best for a small bath as its quite small so it will work best with less water! 

The blue and yellow bubble bar!

And finally last but not least is the blue and yellow bubble bar (Im not sure of the name!!!) This is great as it is reuseable which means all you have to do is break abit of it off put it 
under the tap and the start of the bath and wait for the bubbles to start! Its smells great and creates amazing bubbles with only a small amount of it meaning you can use it at least 5 times.

So thank you so much for reading! 
Sorry about this late post but next week will be more organised I promise!!

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  1. Nice post! My friend got me the shooting star bath bomb for Christmas, after reading this I'm super excited to try it!


    1. Thanks for your comment :) and yes its one of my favourite bath bombs especially at christmas! hope you enjoy it too xx


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