♥ Nutella Brownie Recipe ♥

Please go check out the video on how to make them heres the link or just watch below:

So today its monday which means I am actually 
on schedule for a blog post!! (first time ever!!) 
So over the weekend I got a bit bored so I thought
 I would make some random  brownies that I kind 
of made up but taste really nice! (except I kind of 
burnt them, but just ignore that part!!) So heres 
how to make them.

Firstly get together all of your ingredients as shown below:


Then take you mixing bowl and add 185g of butter with 6 malteaser bunny's which you can either melt in the microwave or in a bowl over a
pan of boiling water ( but I chose the easy option!)


Now your mixture should look some thing like this:

 Next take a table spoon of Nutella and a tea spoon of vanilla essence:

Next add 80g of self raising flour and 40g of cocoa powder:

Finally add 275g of sugar and 2 large eggs:

Finish off by putting it in a greased tin and putting it in the oven:

After 20 mins take it out (ignore the burnt bits!) and cut into squares!

Finally decorate with anything you like!

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See you next week 
Pink picture girl xx