♥ March Favourites ♥

Hey guys so its monday!! so here is my blog post for this week if you want to be notified when I put up a post follow my instagram: pinkpicturegirl or twitter: pinkpicturex
Here is a youtube video I did on some of my favourite spring bath porducts click the link below:


So on with this post I have decided to show you a few things I have discovered and have been loving
this month!

Firstly is the garnier moisturizer. This stuff is amazing it drys quickly so I can use it just before applying makeup and leaves your skin feeling extra soft and gets rid of any dry skin. Its also good for using just before you  sleep so that it has the full night to sink in!

Next is collared tops! Its abit random but I just love them they go with everything and always seem to look nice and I guess I just suit them quite well as they are so easy to wear. They can go with leggins jeans skirts shorts and I kind of just love them... so its definately worth getting one for the summer.

Next on my list is the match perfection foundation in the colour 100. My old foundation ran out so I decided to try this one as lots of my friends recommended it and its great! it covers your skin well and has a nice natural colour which I love.

Now I have no words for this chocolate..... its just so nice. (great explanations) so its the toffee thorntons chocolate bar and it might look quite simple but its so good especially if you melt it a little bit before or even just keep it in your pocket for a while...... but you should definately buy it YUM! (Im abit obsessed)

And last but not least is my denim jacket from forever 21! I love this jacket so much even though I only bought it 2 days ago I have already planned 10 outfits which I can wear it with. I think its definately worth getting for spring and summer when its to hot for a coat but you still want to weaar a jacket because  you can't go wrong with a bit of denim....

So thats it for today so please feel free to comment any suggestions and I will see you next week 
Thanks for reading
Pink picture girl xx