♥ Where have I been?? ♥

Hey guys...
So you might have noticed I have been gone for about a month, Ive been quite busy lately with exams and school and didnt really have many interesting ideas on what to post so I decided to take a small break from blogging...
But dont you worry because I am back again and have came up with a plan for lots a future blog 
posts and how to fit in the time to do them so look forward to all of those in the future.

Please comment anything you want to see on my blog and follow me on 
instagram: Pinkpicturegirl 
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 to be notified when I have uploaded a post as at the moment I dont have a set time table but  I might decide on one in the near future.

Thanks for reading and sorry I have been gone for so long but please share my blog and let everyone know I'm back blogging once more!!
Pink picture Girl xx