♥ Things to do during the spring holidays! ♥

Hey guys!!
so for this weeks blog post I have decided to give you a few ideas of things to do over the holidays!

So to start off with as easter is on sunday why not bake a cake! Easter cakes are always the best because you can always make them look so cute with mini eggs, little chicks or bunnys! (please comment below if you would like me to do a tutorial for some easter cakes)
Here is one of my youtube tutorials for my brownie recipe!

So next on my list is...

Another thing I think almost every girl will be doing this holiday is of course buying all of your new spring clothes! Theres nothing I love more than finding cute new outfits for spring and summer with all the bright colours and flowers (I love it!)

Next is something I know I will definately be doing during spring! and that is an easter sleep over. You can invite over a few friends, watch some easter films (I recommend hop) and of course eat some chocolate!!

Another idea for this spring is just simply go for a nice spring walk! Its been so cold during the winter so as soon as its spring me and my friends are straight into our shorts and down to the park for a bit of fresh air and sunshine. Its a great way to spend the day on the grass with an ice cream trying to find the best selfie angle!

And of course an easter egg hunt! Because easter just isn't complete with out one is it?

Thanks for reading
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