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Hey guys! Just to begin I've been quite busy doing exams recently there fore haven't been sticking to my blog schedualso I have decided that I will just make blog posts when I have time and have something to post about meaning I can make better quality posts (if you want to be notified on when I do a blog post follow me on google+:Pinkpicturegirl and on instagram:pinkpicturegirl) however I have been making youtube videos every week so here is a link to my channel and video below:


So today I'm doing a post on the lush bath set Sugar Sugar!!

I loved this set so much its bright and colourful has almost all of my favourite products in so I thought I would have to make a post about it! I actually got given it for my birthday so it makes a great gift for friends or even yourself!

Think Pink


So the first product and my personal favourite is the think pink bath bomb. It leaves your bath with amazing pink coloured water with bubbles and a white foam. It leaves small pink hearts and flowers making a pretty and relaxing bath to enjoy.

         Melting Marshmellow

This pink bubble bar smells amazing! For best use you can crumble the bar under the tap creating big bubbles for your bath and also lasts for five baths.

        Fizz Banger

My next product is the fizz banger this is one of my favourite bath bombs as it has a great citrus smell and leaves your bath full of colour and amazing yellow and green foam. As it is the largest bath bomb in the set it fills your whole bath with scent and colour!

     Sweetie Pie Shower Jelly

Next on the list is the sweetie pie shower jelly (or the purple one). This is one of the more fun products and can be used as a bubble bath, shower jell and soap. By running it under the tap it can also fill your bath with bubbles and an amazing scent. Another idea is you can put the jelly in the fridge or freezer making it cold and fresh for your bath!

         Shimmy Shimmy

The shimmy shimmy massage bar is very glittery! It leaves your skin feeling so soft and is great for your arms and legs, however you must be prepared for alot of glitter!
          Sultana of Soap

Next is the sultana of soap, this product is full of natural ingreediants leaving your skin feeling fresh and healthy. It doesn't have much of a scent however is amazing for your skin.

So thats the end of this blog post I hope you enjoyed. Please go and take a look at my youtube channel and social media and I will see you soon with another post.

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  1. This set sounds AWESOME,all the products sound soo cool! And those baths look soo gorgeous! Great post gurl! Have an amazing day xoxo

    1. Aww thanks so much this is one of my favourite sets! I love your blog too its so cute and also hope to have a good day aswell xxx

    2. Yeah I can see why!! it's awesome!

      Naww thanks so much beautiful!! You saw my blog?! That's really cool! Hope ya liked it and thankyou so much xoxo


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