♥ 5 days in London! ♥

Heyy guys so today I'm going to be doing a post about my trip to London! I know its not exactly the carribean but there is quite alot to do there so I thought I would share that with you and also give you ideas of what to do if you ever go yourself.

Also I did a Vlog about my trip so you can also watch that below.

Anyway lets begin with the post!

           Day 1:

 So on my first day in london (Friday) we got into the train station around 3pm and made our way to the hotel (while in the worst traffic EVER!) after arriving at the hotel and unpacking we decided to go to ripleys believe it or not museum which is like a museum with random things in that are either really strange or weird or unbelievable. They also had a mirror maze which was really run except when I ran straight into the mirror... moving on. There was many interesting facts about different things and also a glow in the dark spinning tunnel that made you feel like you were going upside down which was actually quite cool so I would recommend it if your ever in london.
After the museum we decided to go to jamie olivers diner were I had a burger and mashed potato (dont know why I got mash..) then for desert I had a brownie and ice cream.
The whole meal was quite nice however it wasn't my favourite of the week, after eating we returned to the hotel and well slept (obvioulsy)


                                             Day 2

On our second day we didnt have to much planned so we ended up exploring london (basically went shopping) we began by getting a bubble gum ice cream for breakfast (because why not) and of course I dragged everyone into the lush shop on oxford street (were they have lush exclusives!) and spent at least an hour smelling every single item in the shop before choosing my weekly supply (which I will soon be doing a post on!)

After lush we went to hamelys toy store (totally for my little brother not me.....) were I got this weird balloon thing that comes in a tube! And my brother got a flying drone which was quite cool until he broke it that night! After our shopping we went to the theatre to watch thriller the musical which was good however it didnt have a story it was only songs, however it was still amazing. We finshed the evening with a pizza hut (so fancy) and got a margerita and ice cream (of course!)

                                    Day 3

On our third day in london we went to the natural history museum were there was lots to see and loads of exibits to look at. After spending the day here we had a lovely chinese buffet which was delicious!

Day 4

On day 4 we had alot planned so we got up bright and early! Firstly we went on a tour bus around the city showing us all the main toursist attractions in london we then had a break and got starbucks then went on a boat trip across the thames (which was really bumpy) After this we went to an italian resturaunt to fresh pizza's which were absolutly gorgeous! After enjoying our pizza's we went to the theatre again to see charlie and the chocolate factory. The show was amazing and the actors were great all the sets had been so well made and I loved it! (I also had candy floss which makes everything better right?)

Day 5


On our final day in london after getting off the underground we went into an eds diner and each had a burger which cheesy fries (I really dont recommend getting the cheese though) after eating we went on the london eye after queueing for around 20 mins we got into one of the large bubbles with a few other people. As we began to get higher my mum was freaking out.... but the view was amazing we could see everything including big ben and all the buildings below. After going around the wheel once we had to get off then went to get an ice cream and sit on the london bridge.

After finishing our food we made our way over to the sea life aquarium which was lovely they had lots of animals including sharks, turtles, Penguins, jelly fish and many more. After we had finished looking around the whole aquarium we we went back to the train station to go back home.

Train home

Overall I had a great time in london and I hope you enjoyed reading about it or have gained some ideas of what you can do there.
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Thanks so much for reading and please leave a comment below suggesting anything you would like to see on my blog.
Pink Pastel xx