Monday, 28 September 2015

♥ Diy- Autumn Candle ♥

Hey guys this week I'm doing a diy post on how to make an autumn themed candle. As you can see I'm getting abit to excited or autumn considering it has technically only been autumn for 6 days! However I do feel like summer is over and I am deinately ready for cozy evening in so to get myself started I thought what better than a homemade autumn candle?
This is great for your living room or bedroom and is great for if you want to relax and read a book or have a bath before bed.
I also made a diy video on how to make this autumn inspired candle so you can watch that below!

Anyway lets begin!

-First of all get together your products:

1)A glass jar
2)Tea lights
3)Autumn leaves(or pictures)
4)Glue or celotape

-So firstly you have to collect some leaves from the garden (or park if you don't have one.) I know it sounds strange and you could probaly just find some fake ones on the internet, which is probaly easier but I think that theres something special about real orange and yellow autumn leaves!

-Next we need some glue or celotape, i used a mixture of pritstick and celotape but I think your best option, if you have some, would be super glue or hot glue or even double sided celotape... but I'm lazy and buying these things would require leaving the house!

-So after this step you take a large jar of your choice which you can probaly get from most retail shops then simply take the leaves and stick them all around the jar.

-After this you need to take your tea lights (as many as you want) I only used one, then put it into your autumn themed jar.
Now when your turn off the lights you are left with a glowing jar giving off the perfect autumn orange colour as well as looking really cute on your dressing table!

Well thats all for this post!
Really hope you enjoyed and please comment anything else you want to see on my blog!
I am now on a regular schedule of posting every monday so feel free to come back next week with my new post.
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Sunday, 20 September 2015

♥ Oxford street- Lush Haul ♥


Hey guys today I'm going to be doing a review of some lush products that I bought while in london during the summer holidays.
 The bath products I bought were from oxford street were they have some exclusive products however Im sure that lush have brought out some of the products online therefore you can order them from the website!
 Also here is a youtube video on the lush products so click below to watch that:

Any ways lets begin with the first product

The Experimenter:

This bathbomb is not a traditional shape it is an octogen shape with 5 different colours within each of the corners and the middle. Pink, blue, white, orange and purple. When placing the bath bomb into the bath it begins to fizz imediatly into a rainbow of colours. The bath bomb leaves the bath a dark blue colour with rainbow coloured bubbles floating on top. The actual bath bomb reminds me of a christmas spice smell or even the smell of poperi! This bath bombs great for a cold winter night when you may want to get a quick bath with a nice reading book!

Double vitality bath oil:

My next product is the double vitality bath oil. It is shaped like a star and is a bright pink colour. There are two layers of stars sandwhiched together with a white moisturising bath cream. The bath oil has a very strong citrus smell (which is one of my favourites) and it leaves your skin feeling very soft and moisturised. This product is great for a pamer day or when you skin needs abit of a refresh.

 Yoga Bomb:

My next product is the yoga bomb bath bomb. The yoga bomb has a very unique smell as it is quite fruity yet floral at the same time. Although the bath bomb does not look as exciting on the outside after it hits the water a world of colour it realeased. The yoga bomb contains many different colours aswell as alot of golden coloured glitter. This bath bomb is best for a day when you have more time on your hands and want to unwind and relax. The bathbomb does however take longer to completely fizz and will take arounf 10-15 minutes however it is definately worth the wait!

The green wheel:

 is one of the more interesting products. As it is shaped like a wheel when you put it under the water it turns around like a real wheel. It is a bubble bar therefore it can be reused a few times which makes it even better. This product leaves your bath water a green colour with a mountain of bubbles on top. Great to use for a quick and easy bubble bath.

Intergalatic bath bomb:

The next product is the Intergalatic bath bomb! This one is definately my favourite. It smells of mint (abit like the mint eos lipbalm) Once you put it into your bath it fizz's into a world of blue. The bath bomb is full of blue glitter and many different colours which foam on top of the water. The glitter gives the affect of a sparkling ocean and the mint leaves you feeling nice and fresh. This bath bomb would be great either in the morning or evening before going out.

The sacred lotus bath bomb:

The bath bomb has a lovely and relaxing smell of lavendar and when you put it in the water it sits on top of the water, like a lotus flower on a pond. It does not take long at all to fizz and leaves the bath water a lilac colour filled with purple glitter as well as purple foam on top of your bath. This bath bomb is great for when your having a stressful day or week and need to relax at the end of the day, listen to some music and take a lavendar scented bath! (0f course)

Thats the end of this post so thank you so much for reading!
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Monday, 14 September 2015

♥ Autumn Tag ♥

Hey so firstly I would like to let everyone know I'm now on bloglovin so you can follow me now by clicking the link follow button on the left x

Any way as a little way of saying hello to autumn I'm going to do the autumn tag so lets get started!

1) Favourite makeup look during winter?

Well of couse the most important thing about autumn is you can finally bring out your berry lipstick after restraining from them all summer! I also love to use golden coloured eye shadow along with some flicked eye liner as I think this gives a more warm feeling. Especially the colour rose gold as it is a great colour to use during the colder months!

2) Favourite song to listen to during august?

Well this autumn I have been enjoying the song sweater weather by the neighbourhood its not a recent release but I think its a great song to listen to during cold bus journeys to school (while pretending to be in a music video looking out of the window!) Another song I have been loving is of course drag me down by one direction and also what do you mean by justin bieber!

3) What hot drinks your favourite during winter? (tea, coffee, hot chocolate ect)

Is this even a question!!! Well of course its hot chocolate theres nothing better than getting all cozy putting a film on a drinking a warm hot chocolate with cream and marshmellows. (Also if you want to be even more autumn you can buy hazelnut or cinnamon hot chocolate! Although I have actaully been enjoying caramel lattes recently so if your not a lover of coffee try one of those and you might be surprised!

4) Favourite clothes in winter?

Theres only one real answer for this isn't there? JUMPERS! I just love autumn clothes because I can literally put on a pair of jeans and a baggy jumper yet still turn out looking quite tumblr.

5) Whats your favourite tv
programme this autumn?

Okay so my favourite programme this august is actually the great british bake off... is that weird? Im actually getting a bit obessed to I look forward to watching them all bake every week! In fact just last year zoella was on the charity bake off so if you can watch that or the new season you should watch it, its great for cold autumn nights!

6) Favourite thing about autumn?

(Well there is a few so heres a little list!)
Firstly is the fact that its freezing all day then as soon as you get home you can grab you pjs and slippers with a hot bowl of soup and have the perfect exuse to watch netflix all night.
Secondly is the fact that halloween and bonfire night (sort of) are all during autumn and they are like my favourite time of the year except christmas of course. Is it weird I'm already planning a halloween sleepover at the start of september?
And thirdly summer is over so you have every exuse to not go to the gym, to eat ALOT of nice food and I really love the cold weather and exuse to wear a baggy jumper!

So that was a short little post but I hope you enjoyed it!
As you can see my blog has had a few changes made to it so I hope you like it and if you have any other suggestions please leave them below.
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Monday, 7 September 2015

♥ Drugstore Makeup Haul ♥

Hey guys so today I'm going to do a drugstore haul and tell you about a few of my favourite products!

Here is a youtube video about the makeup below:

So lets begin!!

So my first product is the seventeen define and conquer kit. This product is one of my favourites it is great for  defining your face and giving you a natural looking tan. The highlight can be used on the top if your cheek bones and on your brow bone to brighten and contour your face.

My next product is the N07 high shine lip crayon in the colour berry. This is a great colour as autumn is just around the corner and everyone loves a good berry colour! This is more of a shiny colour, giving the effect of a lip gloss how ever it is alot more long lasting and pigmented.

Next on my list is the rimmel exaggerate eye liner. This is the best eye liner I have tried so far it gives great definition to your eyes and makes it easier to do eye flicks.

This is the N07 moisture drench lipstickin the colour iced pink. The lipstick is very light and is good for a more natural look. It is not as long lasting at the other lipsticks however I think its a good choice for a pink based makeup look.

This is the rimmel kate moss eye shadow stick in the colour rose gold. Rose gold eye shadow is one of my favourite colours especially around autumn time. This eye shadow stick is great for when you in a rush and don't have much time to spend on eye makeup as you can simply put in on your eye lids and blend it with a brush!

Finally is the N07 precision lip pencil in the colour raspberry. This product is great for lining your lips and also goes well with the lip crayon from earlier. You can use this just to define your lips furtherly or make you lips look neater. You can even fill all your lips with this colour and add lip balm on top.

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