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Any way as a little way of saying hello to autumn I'm going to do the autumn tag so lets get started!

1) Favourite makeup look during winter?

Well of couse the most important thing about autumn is you can finally bring out your berry lipstick after restraining from them all summer! I also love to use golden coloured eye shadow along with some flicked eye liner as I think this gives a more warm feeling. Especially the colour rose gold as it is a great colour to use during the colder months!

2) Favourite song to listen to during august?

Well this autumn I have been enjoying the song sweater weather by the neighbourhood its not a recent release but I think its a great song to listen to during cold bus journeys to school (while pretending to be in a music video looking out of the window!) Another song I have been loving is of course drag me down by one direction and also what do you mean by justin bieber!

3) What hot drinks your favourite during winter? (tea, coffee, hot chocolate ect)

Is this even a question!!! Well of course its hot chocolate theres nothing better than getting all cozy putting a film on a drinking a warm hot chocolate with cream and marshmellows. (Also if you want to be even more autumn you can buy hazelnut or cinnamon hot chocolate! Although I have actaully been enjoying caramel lattes recently so if your not a lover of coffee try one of those and you might be surprised!

4) Favourite clothes in winter?

Theres only one real answer for this isn't there? JUMPERS! I just love autumn clothes because I can literally put on a pair of jeans and a baggy jumper yet still turn out looking quite tumblr.

5) Whats your favourite tv
programme this autumn?

Okay so my favourite programme this august is actually the great british bake off... is that weird? Im actually getting a bit obessed to I look forward to watching them all bake every week! In fact just last year zoella was on the charity bake off so if you can watch that or the new season you should watch it, its great for cold autumn nights!

6) Favourite thing about autumn?

(Well there is a few so heres a little list!)
Firstly is the fact that its freezing all day then as soon as you get home you can grab you pjs and slippers with a hot bowl of soup and have the perfect exuse to watch netflix all night.
Secondly is the fact that halloween and bonfire night (sort of) are all during autumn and they are like my favourite time of the year except christmas of course. Is it weird I'm already planning a halloween sleepover at the start of september?
And thirdly summer is over so you have every exuse to not go to the gym, to eat ALOT of nice food and I really love the cold weather and exuse to wear a baggy jumper!

So that was a short little post but I hope you enjoyed it!
As you can see my blog has had a few changes made to it so I hope you like it and if you have any other suggestions please leave them below.
Pink Pastel Heart xx


  1. I really enjoyed this and I can't wait for Autumn it's the best time of year and it's all so exciting. I will be doing this tag very soon. Great post :) xx

    1. Aww thanks glad you enjoyed it and I agree autumns definitely one of my favourite times of the year! I'll look forward to your tag aswell :) xx

  2. Sooo happy its fall! p.s. I'm obsessed with bake off as well;)

    1. Same I love fall so much :) and thank you it's good to know I'm not alone!!


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