♥ Diy- Autumn Candle ♥

Hey guys this week I'm doing a diy post on how to make an autumn themed candle. As you can see I'm getting abit to excited or autumn considering it has technically only been autumn for 6 days! However I do feel like summer is over and I am deinately ready for cozy evening in so to get myself started I thought what better than a homemade autumn candle?
This is great for your living room or bedroom and is great for if you want to relax and read a book or have a bath before bed.
I also made a diy video on how to make this autumn inspired candle so you can watch that below!

Anyway lets begin!

-First of all get together your products:

1)A glass jar
2)Tea lights
3)Autumn leaves(or pictures)
4)Glue or celotape

-So firstly you have to collect some leaves from the garden (or park if you don't have one.) I know it sounds strange and you could probaly just find some fake ones on the internet, which is probaly easier but I think that theres something special about real orange and yellow autumn leaves!

-Next we need some glue or celotape, i used a mixture of pritstick and celotape but I think your best option, if you have some, would be super glue or hot glue or even double sided celotape... but I'm lazy and buying these things would require leaving the house!

-So after this step you take a large jar of your choice which you can probaly get from most retail shops then simply take the leaves and stick them all around the jar.

-After this you need to take your tea lights (as many as you want) I only used one, then put it into your autumn themed jar.
Now when your turn off the lights you are left with a glowing jar giving off the perfect autumn orange colour as well as looking really cute on your dressing table!

Well thats all for this post!
Really hope you enjoyed and please comment anything else you want to see on my blog!
I am now on a regular schedule of posting every monday so feel free to come back next week with my new post.
Thanks for reading!
Pink Pastel Heart xx