♥ Halloween Cupcakes! ♥

Hey guys so today I'm going to be doing a post on how to recreate these pumpkin inspired halloween cupcakes I made a video on how to make them which I will add below and Im going to take you through exactly how to make these delicious treats!

I thought these would be a cute idea for a halloween sleepover or party or even just a snack!

So lets begin:

Firstly I gathered together all of my ingreedients for both the cupcakes and icing which are shown below.

I then added both the butter and sugar to a large mixing bowl and mixed them together with a wooden spoon. (you can use a whisk or kitchen aid.)

I then added 150g of self raising flour to the mixture, as well as two medium eggs.

Next I added 4 table spoons of milk  ( you can also add half a tea spoon of vanilla essence.)

After this you can separate your mixture into two bowls and add some food colouring I chose red and green as a halloween theme but you can chose whatever you want.

After you have mixed the food colouring and mixture together you can lay out you cupcake cases and add the mixture to them evenly.

Now you can put them in the oven at 180 degrees for around 20-25mins taking them out when they are lightly brown on top.

 After the cupcakes have cooled down we can take some large oranges and cut them in half. once they are cut we can take out the insides and put the cupcakes in them to create the affect of a pumpkin, and also adds an orange taste to the cupcakes which is sooo nice!

 To make the butter icing we add together icing sugar with butter and mix them together until it becomes lighter in colour and has a smoother texture. Once you have done this you can add food colour to the icing. I chose blue and green!

Once this is done you can add what ever decoration you want I chose some green sparkly strings as I thought this looked very halloween and gives the effect of a spider web (sort of) however you can add what ever you like I think edible glitter is a good idea as it makes everything look amazing!

So thats all for this post hope you enjoyed. Please leave comments below as to what you would like to see in my next post, as I would love to do another halloween themed post.

Thanks for reading
Pink Pastel Heart xx