♥ What I love about Autumn ♥

Todays post is just a little chatty post where i'm going to tell you a few things that I absolutly love about autumn and theres AlOT.
Also for anyone who would like to check out the youtube video I did on what I love about autumn you can click that below!

Anyway lets start!

1) My first choice is my new makeup! I love getting all my new autumn make up (even though I still need to get a nice berry lipstick!) anyway I left a list of the new products below.


Soap and glory- thick and fast mascara
Benefit- There real mascara
soap and glory- eye brow pencil
Revolution-eye palette
elizabeth arden- eye palette's

Elizabeth arden lipstick- in red and pink
hydration lipstick- in coral shimmer
boujours- Limited edition neon pink

Real technique- foundation brush
real technique- powder brush
revlon-lasting 24hr powder
revlon- rose gold blusher
revlon- bronzer
match perfection- foundation
Collection- lasting perfection concealer
smash box- skin primer
benefit- skin primer
smash box- eye hydration primer

2) Hot chocolates

So next on my list is of course HOT CHOCOLATE because its just not autumn with out a warm hot chocolate with cream!

3) Warm fires and cozy socks

In autumn theres just nothing better than getting inside after a cold day putting you fluffy slippers on and sitting by a lovely warm fire!

4) Bubble Baths

Bubble baths are not only a great way to warm up but also a great way to relax and great exuse to use a bath bomb!


You just can't beat a good jumper in autumn. There just so cozy and so easy to wear!

6) cold mornings or evenings

I know that some people hate the cold but I love waking up (especially on the weekend) Knowing its really cold outside and I can stay all cozy inside! Also it means you can wear coats and jumpers and it always looks so pretty outside! (except when it starts raining!!!)

7) Candles

I actually forgot to include this one in my video (I dont know how!) But anyway here it is CANDLES they are just so nice and relaxing and makes every room feel so cozy and also they smell amazing!!

Anyway thats all for this post hope you enjoyed and please leave a comment below!
Thanks for reading
Pink pastel heart xx


  1. This post is so cosy!♥♥


    1. Aww thank you I love everything cozy!! X


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