Monday, 23 November 2015

♥ Golden Wonder- Lush Christmas 2! ♥

Hey Guys today I'm back with another lush review and its one of my favourites the golden wonder bath bomb!
Also below is the my new youtube video which is a demo of the bath bomb so you can watch that below then read my review:

This is what the bath bomb looks like before you add it to water and it is amazing and so cute!
It starts with a lovely glittery golden layer which leaves a nice white and gold foam on the top of your bath. As it gets to the middle it turns blue which makes your bath a lovely christmassy green colour when it mix's with the gold. It also has gold glitter and miny gold star in it which add a cute little touch to your bath.

This is what the bath bomb looks like as it is fizzing! Although this is a christmas bathbomb it does not have a christmassy scent and instead has more of a citrus sherbet scent which is still very nice but not as christmas themed as some of the others in the range.

And finally this is the bath after the bath bomb is complete. I think this bath bomb would be a great present as its already shaped as a little christmas preseny and has a nice burst of colour as a surprize. This bath bomb does not have as many skin benefits as for example the butter bear but is better for when you want a more exciting bath as its full of christmas colours gold glitter and stars!

Any way thank you for reading and hope you enjoyed this little review.Make sure to come back next week when I will be doing a new post (not a lush review!)

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Monday, 16 November 2015

♥ The Magic Of Christmas- Lush Christmas 1! ♥

The Magic of christmas lush bubble bar!

This is my first review of the lush christmas range, the first product I have chose is the magic of christmas bubble bar.
Below is a video and demo of what the bubble bar does and what it looks like so click that below if you would like to watch that.

And now lets begin with the review. During the winter seasons theres nothing I love more than to get in a nice warm bath full of lush treats and bath products. The magic of christmas is a bubble bar which means you run it under your tap and it leaves a mountain of bubbles in your bath. You can reuse it around 5 times which means its definately worth your money and you can treat yourself to a few of these lovely christmas baths. This particular bar is alot more interesting as it is in a magic wand shape but is different to the classic magic star snow fairy scented one that lush have had in the past. This bubble bar has more of an autumnul feel filled with lots of different scented spices and an amazing cinnamon scent that fills your bath room. The bar comes on a cinnamon stick and has a red ribbon and bell attached to it which adds furtherly to the christmas feeling. Not only this but it leaves your bath an amazingly warm orange colour along with gold glitter that sprinkles along the bath water under your bubbles. This is definately one to pick if you love your christmas scented bath products and would pair nicely with the cinders bath bomb which is also a lovely christmassy cinnamon scent.

Anyway thanks for reading hope you enjoyed this little review as I have a few more bath bombs ready from the lush christmas range that I would love to try out and show you. Make sure to be back next week as I have alot more christmas posts lined up!
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Tuesday, 10 November 2015

♥ My Morning Routine ♥

hey guys so today I'm going to be taking you through my morning rountine and show you a few of the products I use to get ready!
Also here is my youtube video that I made using all these products so you can click below to watch that:

Bath products

So firstly I like to get a shower or bath today I chose to get a bubble bath with my two favourite bubble bath shower gels. Raspberry and cranberry and tangerine dream. I cant even describe how nice these smell they are amazing they have such strong scents and leave you smelling lovely all day. The tangerine dream has more of a fresh sweets scent therefore would be better for the morning and the raspberry and cranberry has more of a sweet smell which could be nice both in the evening and morning. Also this bubble bath gives you bath a beautiful pink colour which bubble baths dont often do which is an extra bonus! Also with both products they leave an great mountain of bubbles to dive into!

Next is skin care!

I love using all these products (or most of them) in the morning or evening or both if I have time. There all amazing for my skins and leave it soft and blemish free aswell as the fact it you can get them pretty much anywhere including super drug and boots!

1.vaseline intensive care moisturiser
2.clean and clear deep action cream face wash
3. t-zone clear pore anti-bacterial cleanser
4. Nivea refreshing facial cleasing wipes
5. garnier face moisturiser
6. t-zone skin clearing face moisturiser


So here is my basic makeup items I will use on an average day maybe if I'm just going out with some friends or to school. I think all of these products are so good and none of them are to pricey either but there all amazing quality which is good. The products I would definately recommend is the real technique brush's the exagerrate eye liner and lasting perfection concealer!

1. Rimmel- Exagerate eye liner
2. Soap and glory- sexy mother pucker lip gloss
3. Benefit- they're real

1. Match perfection foundation
2. real techinques- foundation brush
3. real techinques- powder brush
4. smash box- hydrating eyes primer
5. stay matte powder
6. collection- lasting perfection

 Hair products

These are some of the hair products I use after of washing my hair but if I dont have enough time to wash it or if it doesn't need washing that day I will just spray it with my favourite dry shampoo rub it in and brush it through my hair!

1. Tresemme hair brush
2. bastiste heavenly volume dry shampoo
3.Pantene hair mousse


So below I have got a few pictures of nice different breakfasts you could try out for example a full english or starbucks drink however normally for breakfast I will probably just have some cereal with a cup of tea or coffee.

Any way thats the end of todays post I hope you enjoyed reading and please comment any of your thoughts below.
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Tuesday, 3 November 2015

♥ 2000 Page views ♥

Hey guys!!

Here is a tuesday post and you may wondering how on earth I have managed to not only post once this week but in fact TWO DAYS ON THE RUN (I'm not the best at sticking to schedules) However I have an amazing reason why and that is I have reached 2000 page views! Now I have nearly been blogging for a whole year and that seems crazy to me and I dont know if 2000 views is good for a year but to me it is considering Im not the best at regular posting! Anyway I would just like to thank any one who has read this blog and if you read my new years resolutions post one of my resolutions was to make this blog successful and I'm going to say that 2000 views is pretty good (and actual humans have commented on my posts so thank you so much for that!) I actually cant believe anyone would actually read this silly blog of mine but whether you have been here since my first day in november 2014 or whether you have just randomly and acidently clicked this blog and are now thinking who is this random girl! Thank you for reading it means alot. Also please comment what 
your favourite post of mine has been and what you would like to see in the future! And now I'm going to end how I always do and have been for a whole year now with...

Thanks for reading
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Monday, 2 November 2015

♥ Anxiety! ♥

Hey guys today (firstly look how cute the little socially awkward guy is!) and secondly I'm going to be talking to you about something abit more serious than I would normally post about so if thats not really your thing feel free to wait until next weeks post which I am sure will be alot more upbeat but for today I would like to talk about anxiety. (I'm abit worried to post this actually and I'm not sure if I will but obviously if your currently reading this I have decided to post it!) I dont want to get too deep into all this although I am aware it affects alot of people including me and one of my close friends therefore I think this post could help alot of people who can relate to these things.

So first I'm just going to let you know what anxiety actually is and for me its the feeling of when your scared for no reason. Im sure theres much better description for you somewhere else but I'm going to try and explain. For example in a social situation lets just say a party you might be feeling alright but then suddenly the lights become to bright the song to loud and everything feels abit dazed and confused. You may get shortened breath and get over heated quite quickly and you suddenly need to get out of there as quickly as possible, you may even feel like your going to faint or be sick. For me the feeling of being trapped is the worst or even that people don't really understand what your doing or why you have to quickly leave the room and go outside. Sometimes I'm too anxious to even go to school and this is when it begins to cause problems.
Some people may become more anxious around exam time and a small amount of worrying is alright and perfectly normal but when it becomes a problem is when it stops you from going out or to school or is somehow having a large affect in your life. Stress can be caused from lots of different things such as school, friendship groups, homelife, exams or all of these mixed together so it does affect alot of people.

So a few things you can do if you think you have anxiety or are having a panick attack is:

Get out of where ever you are a quickly as possible.

Sit down and regain your breathe make sure to breathe in through your nose and out through your mouth.

Get a bath listen to music or even meditate! Any thing that will help you relax and calm down.

And most of all is talk about it to someone.

Any one who you feel you can trust and will understand you talk to them and I am sure they can help you alot more than you think. I do have one friend who I have tried to open up to however they dont really understand what the issue is but luckily I do have one friend that totally understands and I know that whenever I need them I can go straight to them for help!
Also if your feeling anxious right now I would just like to say

I dreamed about drowning in an ocean made out of orange soda last night. It took me a while to work out it was just a Fanta sea.
I hope that made you smile or cringe or at least got you mind off it!

So hopefully this post wasn't to long and I hope this helps a few of you out there, if you liked this post please leave a comment or email me

Thanks for reading Pink Pastel Heart xx