♥ 2000 Page views ♥

Hey guys!!

Here is a tuesday post and you may wondering how on earth I have managed to not only post once this week but in fact TWO DAYS ON THE RUN (I'm not the best at sticking to schedules) However I have an amazing reason why and that is I have reached 2000 page views! Now I have nearly been blogging for a whole year and that seems crazy to me and I dont know if 2000 views is good for a year but to me it is considering Im not the best at regular posting! Anyway I would just like to thank any one who has read this blog and if you read my new years resolutions post one of my resolutions was to make this blog successful and I'm going to say that 2000 views is pretty good (and actual humans have commented on my posts so thank you so much for that!) I actually cant believe anyone would actually read this silly blog of mine but whether you have been here since my first day in november 2014 or whether you have just randomly and acidently clicked this blog and are now thinking who is this random girl! Thank you for reading it means alot. Also please comment what 
your favourite post of mine has been and what you would like to see in the future! And now I'm going to end how I always do and have been for a whole year now with...

Thanks for reading
Pink Pastel heart xx