♥ Golden Wonder- Lush Christmas 2! ♥

Hey Guys today I'm back with another lush review and its one of my favourites the golden wonder bath bomb!
Also below is the my new youtube video which is a demo of the bath bomb so you can watch that below then read my review:

This is what the bath bomb looks like before you add it to water and it is amazing and so cute!
It starts with a lovely glittery golden layer which leaves a nice white and gold foam on the top of your bath. As it gets to the middle it turns blue which makes your bath a lovely christmassy green colour when it mix's with the gold. It also has gold glitter and miny gold star in it which add a cute little touch to your bath.

This is what the bath bomb looks like as it is fizzing! Although this is a christmas bathbomb it does not have a christmassy scent and instead has more of a citrus sherbet scent which is still very nice but not as christmas themed as some of the others in the range.

And finally this is the bath after the bath bomb is complete. I think this bath bomb would be a great present as its already shaped as a little christmas preseny and has a nice burst of colour as a surprize. This bath bomb does not have as many skin benefits as for example the butter bear but is better for when you want a more exciting bath as its full of christmas colours gold glitter and stars!

Any way thank you for reading and hope you enjoyed this little review.Make sure to come back next week when I will be doing a new post (not a lush review!)

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  1. I love your review on that bath bomb, the bomb itself is adorable! I nominated your blog for a Liebster Award, you can find out more about that here: http://breakfastatkiki.blogspot.com/2015/12/challenge-accepted.html --Cheers

  2. Aww thank you that's so lovely of you :) and I just checked out your blog and I absolutely love it! X


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