♥ My Morning Routine ♥

hey guys so today I'm going to be taking you through my morning rountine and show you a few of the products I use to get ready!
Also here is my youtube video that I made using all these products so you can click below to watch that:

Bath products

So firstly I like to get a shower or bath today I chose to get a bubble bath with my two favourite bubble bath shower gels. Raspberry and cranberry and tangerine dream. I cant even describe how nice these smell they are amazing they have such strong scents and leave you smelling lovely all day. The tangerine dream has more of a fresh sweets scent therefore would be better for the morning and the raspberry and cranberry has more of a sweet smell which could be nice both in the evening and morning. Also this bubble bath gives you bath a beautiful pink colour which bubble baths dont often do which is an extra bonus! Also with both products they leave an great mountain of bubbles to dive into!

Next is skin care!

I love using all these products (or most of them) in the morning or evening or both if I have time. There all amazing for my skins and leave it soft and blemish free aswell as the fact it you can get them pretty much anywhere including super drug and boots!

1.vaseline intensive care moisturiser
2.clean and clear deep action cream face wash
3. t-zone clear pore anti-bacterial cleanser
4. Nivea refreshing facial cleasing wipes
5. garnier face moisturiser
6. t-zone skin clearing face moisturiser


So here is my basic makeup items I will use on an average day maybe if I'm just going out with some friends or to school. I think all of these products are so good and none of them are to pricey either but there all amazing quality which is good. The products I would definately recommend is the real technique brush's the exagerrate eye liner and lasting perfection concealer!

1. Rimmel- Exagerate eye liner
2. Soap and glory- sexy mother pucker lip gloss
3. Benefit- they're real

1. Match perfection foundation
2. real techinques- foundation brush
3. real techinques- powder brush
4. smash box- hydrating eyes primer
5. stay matte powder
6. collection- lasting perfection

 Hair products

These are some of the hair products I use after of washing my hair but if I dont have enough time to wash it or if it doesn't need washing that day I will just spray it with my favourite dry shampoo rub it in and brush it through my hair!

1. Tresemme hair brush
2. bastiste heavenly volume dry shampoo
3.Pantene hair mousse


So below I have got a few pictures of nice different breakfasts you could try out for example a full english or starbucks drink however normally for breakfast I will probably just have some cereal with a cup of tea or coffee.

Any way thats the end of todays post I hope you enjoyed reading and please comment any of your thoughts below.
See you next week and thanks for reading
Pink Pastel Heart xx


  1. Great post! I love looking at other people's morning routines :)

  2. Lovely post. Nice to know things about you. and what you usually do.

  3. This is a really sweet post! I just followed your blog on bloglovin, would love if you followed me back :)


    1. Thanks and sure I would love to see your blog!


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