♥ The Magic Of Christmas- Lush Christmas 1! ♥

The Magic of christmas lush bubble bar!

This is my first review of the lush christmas range, the first product I have chose is the magic of christmas bubble bar.
Below is a video and demo of what the bubble bar does and what it looks like so click that below if you would like to watch that.

And now lets begin with the review. During the winter seasons theres nothing I love more than to get in a nice warm bath full of lush treats and bath products. The magic of christmas is a bubble bar which means you run it under your tap and it leaves a mountain of bubbles in your bath. You can reuse it around 5 times which means its definately worth your money and you can treat yourself to a few of these lovely christmas baths. This particular bar is alot more interesting as it is in a magic wand shape but is different to the classic magic star snow fairy scented one that lush have had in the past. This bubble bar has more of an autumnul feel filled with lots of different scented spices and an amazing cinnamon scent that fills your bath room. The bar comes on a cinnamon stick and has a red ribbon and bell attached to it which adds furtherly to the christmas feeling. Not only this but it leaves your bath an amazingly warm orange colour along with gold glitter that sprinkles along the bath water under your bubbles. This is definately one to pick if you love your christmas scented bath products and would pair nicely with the cinders bath bomb which is also a lovely christmassy cinnamon scent.

Anyway thanks for reading hope you enjoyed this little review as I have a few more bath bombs ready from the lush christmas range that I would love to try out and show you. Make sure to be back next week as I have alot more christmas posts lined up!
Hope you enjoyed reading
Pink Pastle Heart xx