♥ 5 Things to do this Christmas ♥

Helloo everyone so for this post I want to give you a few ideas of what you could do during the christmas holidays as I know school is just finishing and although christmas is often super busy I also do end up with abit of free time so heres a few ideas of what you could do!

1) Go christmas shopping

This one may seem a little obvious but I think that when you go out with your friends to do some christmas shopping it can put you fully into the christmas spirit! I love all of the christmas songs playing, the cute christmas stalls along town and of course getting a big hot chocolate or ginger bread latte from starbucks after wards to warm myself up!

2) Go ice skating

I love ice skating so much! I know some people find it quite hard (like me) but I think you should defiantely try it especially if you live somewhere it doesnt snow as this would be a cute alternative! And also you can get cute photos while attempting not to face plant the ice!

3) Sit inside and watch a film

During the cold winter days there is literally nothing better than putting on your most cozy pjs and fluffy socks with a warm blanket chocolate bar and cup of tea to watch you favourite christmas films all day and be the definaition of lazy.

4) Pamper day

I think just before christmas its nice to have a pamper day do your  hair all nice put a face mask on use all of your nice bath bombs and soaps and of course paint your festive nails.

5) Wrap all your presents

I know it may be a bit obvious but everyone need to wrap up all the christmas gifts for people, and when your bored I think it is really nice to make an effort with the wrapping and make it looks all cute and pretty with candy canes and ribbons (even though I cant even wrap anything!)

Anyway thankyou for reading and if theres anything you would like to see during blogmas you can leave suggestions below!
Pink Pastel Heart x