♥ Top 10 Christmas Films ♥

Hey guys so for today I'm just going to do a short post and tell you my top ten christmas films because I think that theres nothing that gets you in the christmas mood more than christmas films (with a huge hot chocolate of course)

1) Elf- this is definately my favourite and I'm sure everyones seen it already but if you haven't then you need to it is the best!! And of course if you already have watched it you can never get enough elf!

2) A christmas carol (the disney versio)

3) The grinch

4) The miracle on 34th street

5) Home alone

6) Arthur Christmas

7) Home alone 2 (obviously you need the second one!)

8) Santa claus

9) Jingle all the way

10) Love actually

I would defiantely recommend watching as many of these as you can in the lead up to christmas as once its gone you have to wait a WHOLE year and who doesnt love a good christmas film?

Any way thanks for reading
Pink Pastel Heart x