♥ Hello Winter Good bye Autumn ♥

Hey guys so todays post is an official hello to winter and gtoodbye to autumn! I know this may be abit late considering winter technically started at the start of the month but I feel as if autumn went so quickly! So I'm going to show you a few pictures I took during the autumns season and give you a few ideas of whats amazing about both autumn and winter as it is christmas in 10 DAYS!!!

So heres 10 things I love about autumn:

1) The start of cold weather and darker evenings

2) The colour of the orange leaves

3) Jumping into piles of leaves

4) Finally being able to have hot drinks like pumpkin spice lattes

5) Being able to make your room cozy and warm

6) redecorating everything autumn themed

7) Going back to school after summer to see everyone (even though after the first day I'm dying)

8) More amazing and warm foods!

9) New coats and boots!

10) Being allowed to wear jumpers

So next is 10 things I love about winter:


2) Excuse for extra hot chocolates

3) Snow (hopefully this year!)

4) New winter jumpers (and christmas jumpers)

5) Christmas starbucks drinks caramel, toffee, ginger bread lattes.

6) Fairy lights and cute winter decorations

7) Colder weather therefore more layers scarves, gloves, coats and jumpers.

8) Fluffy socks!!! (best invention ever)

9) Winter pj's


Anyway thats all for this post but I will be back tomorrow with another blogmas post.
Thanks for reading
Pink Pastel Heart x


  1. I love the place you took the pictures. Looks like a nice place to have a quiet time.

    1. Yeah it's a really nice park especially during autumn! :)


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