♥ Last Minute Christmas Decorations ♥

Hello everyone! So for today I'm just going to give you a few ideas as to how you can decorate your room for christmas as its never to later to get into the christmas mood!

So lets start with number one:

Mini christmas trees!

These are sooo cute and they can go anywhere on the shelf or on your table or window sill and gives your room and extra bit of christmas

Number 2:
Christmas cushions
These are so easy to put in your room but make your room that extra bit more cozy and christmassy!

Number 3:

Light up snowy tree!

I think this is a really cute tree and makes my room look so cute a christmassy but can also be used through out winter which I think is great!

Number 4:

Add tinsel!

Tinsel can make anything in your room look really nice and I think this piece of pink and white tinsel goes well with my room as well as adding the element of christmas as well as the fact it can go anywhere you like and its super easy to add to your room.

And finally is of course just your classic christmas tree which is the best part about all of the decorations! I think it looks really nice to have a cute colour scheme or even just mix and match what ever you want!

Anyway thats all for this post hope your all just as excited for christmas!
Thanks for reading
Pink pastel heart xx


  1. After reading this, I really want to have the light up tree inside my room, not only for christmas though, it's really cool. I love your blog! Do you mind reading mine? xx Mariana


    1. Yes I love my light up tree it's so cute! And yes I would love to read your blog :)


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