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Hey guys so for todays post I would like to talk to you about the be you campaign by treacle moon. It is basically a campaign to promote self confidence which I think is a great idea! I saw a few other bloggers do this and it seemed like a lovely idea so I thought I would get involved and tell you abit about the products.
Also I made a video showing you how the products work and how you can use them which I will add below!

So I picked out the iced strawberry dream and the honey comb secret. Both of these smell amazing! The strawberry dream is very sweet and refeshing, and the honey comb secret is smells super christmassy and relaxing! They both leave your skin super soft as well and smelling amazing!

You can use them for shower gel or bubble bath and I decided to use it for bubble bath to show you how they work. They are amazing for creating bubbles and I would definately recommend them for a cute present or for yourself during the winter season!

Anyway hope you enjoyed this little review and have got a little inspiration for some christmas gifts.
Thanks for reading
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  1. such lovely products. I'll try and get some. Thanks for sharing dear


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