♥ New Year ♥

Hey guys so today I'm going to do a post about new year! Firstly I would just like to thank everyone who has read my blog or watched my youtube videos this year as I really appreciate everyone reading! Also I hope you all had an amazing year and have an even better year in 2016!
So firstly I'm just going to tell you what I did for new year this year and my new years resolutions for 2016!

So for new years eve this year me and my family along with a few cousins went to see the new star wars film which although I did find a little confusing considering I have never watched a star wars films was still amazing and I would definitely recommend going to see and of course its an excuse to get a tango ice blast! Secondly we went for a buffet which was really delicious and had a large selection of food as well as a CHOCOLATE FOUNTAIN! After we had eaten as much food as humanely possible everyone came round to our house for drinks and films and at 12 o'clock the fireworks went off which were really amazing!
For new years day we all went round to my cousins house for a homemade Chinese buffet which was so funny as the whole family gathered In a queue around the kitchen picking out the food they wanted! We then spent the day relaxing and watching films and it was a great way to start the new year.

Secondly lets move onto to new years resolutions:

1) My first resolution is to try and be healthy which I know is an one that almost everyone says but I think its a new year so I might as well try my best to be healthy as well as drinking boo tea which is a detox drink which I'm going to have during January and I will keep you noted on whether its good or not.

2) my second resolution is to try not to worry about things as much as I am such a worrier so I would like to try mu best not to.

3) Be organised as I am the most unorganised person EVER

4) Do well in my GCSE's and work hard to get good grades.

5) Work on my blog and youtube so it becomes more successful and I love producing content like this and its become a real passion of mine and I would love more people to see it :)

That's all for today
So thanks for reading and hope everyone has an amazing new year xx