♥ Chocolate chip brownies ♥

Hey guys, first things first... Where have I been! I know its been like a whole month but I've been attempting to change my blog design which I talked about in my last post and I'm not completely happy with it yet but I'm going to keep working on it! Anyway this post is on how to make some brownies! I actually got given this jar of brownie mix for Christmas and thought it was so cute so I just had to do a post on it! So lets start..

Firstly read your instructions and gather together all the ingreedients you need! The ingreedients in the jar is flour, sugar, nuts, white and milk chocolate chips and coco powder.

Pour the dry ingreedients in a bowl and stir together
Add your other ingreedients and stir with a whisk

Put the mixture into a tin and then bake in the oven

And finally enjoy!

So that's all for this post and thanks so much for reading
Pastel Skies xx


  1. They look absolutely delicious ! Also I nominated you and a few others for the Infinity Dream Award. Instructions are in my blog post in case you need help Xx

    1. Aww thank you so much I would love to take part :) xx


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