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Hey guys, so today I'm going to be doing yes you guessed it another lush review! But of course I know you guys love them because who isn't obsessed with bath bombs?
Anyway lets begin..
Today I'll be reviewing (drum roll please) The star dust lush set!

Also I made a video where I tested all of the products to show you what they do so if you would like to watch that before reading this post you can just click the video below or you can visit my youtube channel pastel skies to watch it:


The products in this set is:
The snow fairy shower gel
The shooting star bath bomb
The rock star soap
The star dust bath bomb
The comforter bubble bar
The candy mountain bubble bar

So firstly is the snow fairy shower gel
Of course this is the most well known lush scent but it is AMAZING! Its sweet, like candy floss and also contains purple glitter leaving your skin feeling and smelling great. Its an such a good product to use for both shower gel and bubble bath and its just really cute and I definitely recommend it.

Next is the shooting star bath bomb. This is probably my favourite of the set as it is the most exciting! This bath bomb is definitely the most colourful one and I think is really nice for a relaxing evening bath as it makes gives a shooting star effect in your bath!

Next is the rock star soap. This has the same scent as snow fairy which is of course amazing! The soap is not only an amzing scent but leaves your skin moisturized and is a great soap during the winter months.

Next is the star dust bath bomb! This bath bomb is soo cool. Although it looks plain at first when you put it in the bath it fills the bath with a silver glitter aswell as multi coloured stars and white foam which leaves your bath looking amazing!

And next is the comforter bubble bar. This is one that you crumble under the bath in order to release a world of bubbles! This one is definitely one of my favourite bubble bars of all time, as it just works so well. It smells like black current and leaves your bath a lovely purple colour along with ALOT of bubbles and everyone loves bubbles obviously!

And finally its the candy mountain bubble bar. This again has the snow fairy scent but its so good you can never get bored of it! This one creates a mountain of bubbles, as the title suggests, and leaves your bath with a sweet candy scent, which would be really nice for a morning bath!

Anyway that's all for this post
I hope you enjoyed and I will be back very soon with another post
Please leave your comments below
And thanks for reading!
Pastel skies x


  1. I love the snow fairy shower gel, but now I really want to try the comforter bubble bar. All of these sounds amazing xx


    1. Yeah I love the snow fairy and comforter too but they were all really good :) Glad you enjoyed the review xx

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