♥ What Came First- Lush Easter Bath Bomb Review ♥

Hey guys!
So its EASTER!!!
I really hope everyone's having an amazing day whether your eating chocolate going out or just chilling I hope you got enough chocolate to last you till at least next year :)
Before I start this post I would love you to watch the Demo I did of this bath bomb which I will put below:

Anyway I had a little trip to lush recently (YES AGAIN) and saw all of the Easter collection and just couldn't resist buying a few. I ended up buying the think pink egg the golden egg and the what came first Bath bomb and they are all amazing but this is the only one I have used so far and it was so amazing I just had to do a post on it and let you know how cool it is so lets begin...

So firstly my favourite thing about this bath bomb is it actually 3 bath bombs in one!This is because you can split the egg in half and inside is a cute little chicken bath bomb (like it has hatched) Then you have both halves of the egg and the cute little chick bath bomb and I absolutely love this idea!

Next is the fact that the chicken has a sweet for a nose. Now I'm not sure if your supposed to eat it or its just supposed to make the water taste nice (not that people drink bath water!) but either way its really cute.

This bath bomb has an amazing bright pink colour and leaves your bath a beautiful fusia pink colour with golden glitter!

 And then if you add your chick to it, it will turn a lovely spring orange colour.

The scent is also amazing as it smells like caramel, I'm guessing so that it smells like a real chocolate egg but its really sweet and lovely. I would definitely recommend getting this one as its definitely one of my new favourites!

Hope you enjoyed that little Easter review and please leave any suggestions of what you would like to see on my blog in the comments below!
Thanks for reading and Happy Easter!
Pastel Skies x