♥ March Favourites ♥

Hey everyone..
So because march has just finished and its the beginning of spring I thought I would share a few of my march favourites.
Just before I start this post I also made a youtube video on all these products so if you would like to watch that just click below or you can go subscribe and my channel at Pastel Skies! :)

My first product is the lush golden egg! This is one of the bath bombs from the Easter range. Firstly this is the most glittery thing EVER so if you like that this is perfect. Its got a lovely caramel scent and is a cute yellow spring colour, with golden glitter of course! This is a really nice bath bomb to use on a pamper day as it contains a lot of cocoa butter and leaves your skin super smooth and moisturized!

Next on the list is the max factor eye shadow palette! I love this palette so MUCH! It has all the perfect colours that you would need for a natural eye makeup look for example browns, white, and rose golds. Also the brown colour suits my eye brows perfectly so you can also use them for your eyebrows, brow highlight, and of course eye shadow, also the pigment on the shadows are great so I would definitely recommend it.

Now its the Maybelline lash sensational (water proof.) I'm sure you've already heard about this one because everyone seems to love it but it was only recently that I tried it out. Its absolutely amazing it makes your eye lashes really long with out leaving clumps on your eyes so if you don't like that this is a perfect one. I would compare this mascara to the benefit there real mascara because they seem pretty similar in there results. Also I tested the waterproof and it actually surprisingly works so it would also be good on holiday.

Next is the Essie duo nail polish set. This one is called twinkle belle and has the colours candy mint apple and sparkly top. This is a really cute spring colour and as mint is one of my favourite colours its even better! This leaves a great pigmented colour and when you add the glitter on top it makes your nails look a lot more professional and neat. This set would also make a really cute gift or present!

My next favourite is the Victoria secret perfume called noir tease. This perfume is not only got a really cute and pretty bottle, which makes your desk look amazing, but also smells really nice. The scent is quite sweet and perfect for spring.

Next is the batiste tropical dry shampoo. Now everyone loves dry shampoo when you just need to sort out you hair as quick as humanly possible but this one has a lovely tropical and leaves your hair smelling a lot nicer and more springy and also gives your hair a lot of volume for different hairstyles.

My final product is the Maybelline new York brow drama in dark blonde. This is a really good finishing product for after you have finished your eye brows and helps to keep them in place and gives them a little bit more definition. Its also lasts for a really long time so I would definitely recommend it!

So that's all for this weeks post!
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Thanks for reading
Pastel Skies x


  1. love this post and your blog! Will have to check out some of these products, check out my blog?

    1. Thanks glad you liked it! and sure I would love to check out your blog too :) X


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