♥ What I did For My 16th Birthday- 2016 ♥

Heyy everyone so for todays post I'm just going to take you through what I did for my 16th birthday this year! (my birthday routine)
Hopefully this will give you a bit of inspiration of what to do on your birthday or if you just want to have a little day out with friends! So lets begin!

Firstly of course I ran downstairs in my little slipper socks to be greeted with banners balloons and a table of presents and cards which I then opened with my family!

If you would like to see what I got you can read my previous blog post or watch the video below!

So After I had opened all of my presents (which I did a separate post on which I will link here:
I had some lovely breakfast which was several pancakes with a nice cup of tea in my birthday mug!

Next I grabbed one of my new lush bathbombs and had a lovely birthday bath!

After my amazing bath I went and got changed into some casual but sort of nice clothes!

Light Blue Top Top- H&M
Dark Blue skirt-H&M
Green jacket- Forever 21
Black Tights- Primark

After that I went to the odeon to see The Jungle Book with my friends because Disney is my life!! It was an amazing film and I would definitely recommend seeing it :)
After the jungle book we had a little bit of time before our meal so we walked across to the little park just opposite and sat in the sun for a while which was really nice and just made me look forward to summer even more! There was even live music playing on the little band stand!(Leave a comment saying what your looking forward to most about summer!)

Then we went over to TGI Fridays where we all sat at the table got some drinks then ordered some food and I went for the classic cheese burger! (and I know this is portrait can't believe I'm still doing this after more than a year ahah!)

As we didn't get dessert we all decided to go over to splendid for a milkshake and they were delicious! And then we went back to the park for a little chat (and photography session for me!)

(Now technically this was the next day but for the purpose of this post we will pretend it was the same day!)

I went for an Italian meal with my family where I got some lovely food including garlic bread, chicken pizzas with sweet potato fries (in true blogger style) , some ice cream and lemonade! (my mums spaghetti also features in the pictures!)

I then went home and we sung happy birthday with my cake!

And that was the end of my day and this blog post!
I would just like to thank everyone for giving me such an amazing birthday :)
Hope you enjoyed and be sure to follow my bloglovin for more posts!
Thanks for reading see you next week!!
Pastel skies x


  1. Your birthday looks amazing! I'm so jealous of your milkshakes - there used to be a splendid in my main city but I think it closed down :( I hope you had a lovely day and I can't wait to read more on your blog !

    1. Aww thank you I'm glad you enjoyed the post :) also I'm sure there will be another milkshake place somewhere I literally can't live with out them!!

  2. Although this is late, I hope you enjoyed your birthday! Currently looking for some ideas. Your pictures are great!



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