♥ What I Got For My 16th Birthday ♥

Heyy everyone!
So I'm back again with a post about what I got for my birthday this year! My 16th birthday was last Sunday but I've had so many exams to revise for I haven't got round to doing this post until now! Also I would just like to add I'm not bragging in anyway about what I got or anything I just know that a lot of people enjoy these posts (including myself) and it might give you a few ideas for gifts or just for yourself!

Firstly if you would like to check out the Youtube video I made on what I got before reading this post the video will below:

Any way lets begin...
So firstly here's a few pictures of all the gifts together!

Next is of course Chocolates which were all delicious!!! Hereo's are literally my favourites!

Thorntons selection
Galaxy cookie and cream duet
Thirdly we have all my soaps and a few little body mists (mostly soap and glory!)

Soap and glory set
Body Scrub
Foot moisturizer
Hand Moisturizer
Shower gel
Body Moisturizer
Fluffy socks
Body Scruber

Soap and Glory Mists
Original Pink
Sugar Crush
Mist you Madly


Now its not a birthday if you don't get loads of random cozy bits so heres a collection of these!

Top Shop Disney pjamas

Ted baker moisturizer- Golden treasure

Mini Yankee Candel set

Aswell as random cozy items I also got a few little accessories so here they are!

A Bag Back

Ghost Perfume and Moisturizer


Gold Smith Bracelet

Now if you've been reading my blog for a while you will already know I'm obsessed with Lush which of course meant I got given a huge stack of lush things (and I'm definitely not complaining!)

Fizz Banger
Twilight bath bomb
Rose bath bomb
Lavandar bubble Bar
Dragons egg
Heart rose bath bomb

And the classic teenage girl present Make up!

Gel Nail Polish
Lip crayon
Cheek Stamp Blusher

Cheryl cole Eye lashes and Perfume
No7 Nail repair
Gel Mascara
Eye shadow

That's all for this post I hope you enjoyed!
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Thanks for reading and be sure to come back next week for my follow up post about what I did for my birthday.
Pastel Skies x