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Hey guys...
So today I'm going to be doing a review of the zoella sweet inspirations range! Of course I love Zoe's videos and its so amazing to see how far she has come with her beauty range so I thought it would be a great idea to do a review of some of the bath products!
Firstly if you would also like to check out the bath demo I did of
the products that will be below:

So lets begin!
Firstly is Le Fizz: Fizz Bar

Firstly I would just like to say how much I love this product! It has a lovely scent of vanilla cake mix (or macaroons.) The scent of this product is quite subtle but I think its just enough to give a nice sweet scented bath. The bath fizzers are separated into little chunks like a chocolate bar which I think is super cute and the packet recommends you to add four chunks into the bath for maximum effect. When you add the fizz bar to the bath it begin fizzing away straight away and quite quicky leaving you bath a white cloudy colour smelling of a beautiful summery sweet scent! The colour of your bath reminds me of a spa bath for some reason (even though I've never been to one!) and just leaves you feeling very relaxed.

Next on the list is the Sugar Dip: Bath Salts

This is definitely one of my favourite scents (between the bath latte) This scent is very similar to the bath fizzer however its a lot stronger! This product is supposed to be run under warm water so that it dissolves and leaves the bath water feeling sort of soft! (I don't know how but it does.) And the best thing is of course your bath smells just as nice as the salts! If you mostly want to use the products for a lovely smelling bath I definitely recommend this one!

Now this product is definitely one of my favourites because it just smells like a holiday in a bottle! I'm not sure why but it just reminds me of being on holiday so I will definitely be taking it away this summer. This scent is abit different to the other two and has more of a sweet yet fresh scent! The smell is sweet, almond cacao and honey. This is great for both shower gel and bubble bath as it produces ALOT of bubbles aswell as leaving you smelling amazing! This product is great as it could be used for a relazing evening bath or a fresh shower gel in the morning.

Overall I love all of Zoe's new range and as this was only the bath product review I didn't review everything but if you would like me to review the whole range please leave a comment below! (I'm definitely loving the body spray)

Any way that's all for this post sorry I haven't posted for a week or two as I have been in exams however I have just finished them on Friday and couldn't be happier so definitely be expecting some fun blogposts and Youtube videos over summer as I am so excited to make them!
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