♥ Autumn Haul ♥

Hey guys, so today I'm going to finally make a start on my autumn blog posts!!! So to start off this series of posts I'm going to be doing an autumn haul. In my opinion there's absolutely nothing better than adding some autumnal touches to your bed room and wardrobe when the autumn season starts to make yourself feel cosy and festive (I'm pretty sure festive isn't the right word but you know what I mean!) Anyways lets begin!

Cosy Corner
So were going to start off with this lovely 'cosy corner' idea which is simply just some mini autumn things to make your room look extra autumnal! So I decided to go with an orange, gold theme because these are definitely the first colour I think of when I think of autumn. I actually got all of these products from new look and I think they look super cute together and the candle smells absolutely incredible and fills my whole room with a sweet caramel scent. I also think the plant is really cute as its nice to have a little green in your room (even if it is fake, I mean I definitely cant be trusted with a real one!) And then of course your can personalise the photo frame by adding photos of you and your friends, family or pets or you can even just leave it as it is with the cute quotes inside, as I do think the colours complement eachother really well (definitely not because I'm too lazy to change the photo.....) Moving on!

Fairy Lights
Next on the list is of course.... FAIRY LIGHTS!!!! Now to be honest I'm pretty sure this is an obvious one, I mean is it even autumn without fairy lights? I managed to actually find some copper fairy lights from new look to wrap around my bed which leaves a cute warm glow of patterns on my wall which is super cozy! I also got some yellow fairy lights from Next home, to go around my window frame because you can never have too many fairy lights.

Bed Sheets
And last but not least for my bedroom decorations is of course new bed sheets and cushions! I think these sheets I got from Next home are really cute and autumnal as they have lovely orange and red colours along with a leaf and flower pattern! And also just look how cute that little hedgehog is!

Shoes and Socks
Now moving onto clothes! I know shoes aren't technically clothes but oh well.... I got these heeled shoes from topshop and thought that pairing them with these frilly sock would look really cool. I was really in need of some shoes that weren't converse and thought these would go really well with some black jeans or even a skirt and to be honest I LOVE them!

Woolly Hat
Next on the list is this pretty simple black beanie from Top shop. I know its not the most exciting hat but I actually didn't have a woolly hat last year and this year I just had to buy one. I think its kind of an essential during autumn and winter and not only does it make a cool accessory but its great for bad hair days! And of course the fluffy pom-pom looks quite cute (I know I'm using that word way too much In this post!)

And finally just to finish off this post with the most cosy and fluffy items EVER! I got both the bunny slippers and animal dressing gown from next and I can safely say they are the softest thing ever. And I think its just really nice to treat yourself to new slippers and a dressing gown for winter so you have something to shove on in the morning when its absolutely freezing and the thought of getting out of bed and going into the freezing world is too much to bare, and I would definitely recommend these ones!

Anyway that's all for this post
Hope you enjoyed
Pastel Skies x