❤ Very Last Minute Christmas Presents ❤

Heyyyy guys! So today I thought I would do a post giving a few suggestions on some VERY last minute present ideas, because I know that some of you out there are definitely leaving it till Christmas eve! So lets begin!

Some food!
Food is always a great last minute present idea as everyone loves it, its easy to buy because you can just go to your corner shop and there will always be some thing Christmas themed to buy!

A mini mirror!
This is a really simple gift that you could buy for someone along with a purse or some makeup products.

Lush products! Firstly lush is amazing, its always fun to have a look at all the products and smell them and see what the person would like, and of course who doesn't love lush?

A makeup/lip balm set! If your really struggling for ideas and need to be really quick there will always be some cute make up sets that are all ready packaged up and ready to gift!!

A cute teddy! Of course if your buying for someone young or someone who just loves a certain animal you can always go and buy a cute or funny teddy as they are so simple to get and are good stocking fillers.

A personalised keyring/present. You can always go to a shop and try and find something that relates to the person your buying for as it always makes it seem more special eg something with the first letter of their name on or this cute little miss key ring that comes with many different personality traits to choose from!

That's all for this post
Hope you enjoyed and be sure to come back tomorrow for my Christmas eve routine!
Be sure to comment any more posts you would like to see :)
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