❤ Things to do with friends ❤

Heyy guys....
I know I know I literally haven't posted since.... LAST YEAR oh god. Is this really my first post of 2017! I really am a failure....
Anyway swiftly moving on... todays post is just a little day in the life post. Recently I went on a trip with some of my friends and we just had a cute little day visiting different places so I thought I'd do a little post about it to give you a few ideas of how you can think of new things to do with friends.
Lets begin...

So we started the day being half an hour late to our breakfast reservations and ended up getting there at 12... Although luckily one friend was in time to save the table for us (sorry about the whole leaving you alone at a table for half an hour....) but anyway after being escorted to our table by an understandably annoyed waitor we ordered our breakfast that was now technically lunch... moving on.

My breakfast

My friends breakfast

My very aesthetic looking coffee :)

After eating I had a chance to take photos of the really cute restaurant we were in! It was covered in pretty paintings and huge chandeliers (tries to refrain from singing chandelier by sia..) also fun fact apparently these chandeliers were made by the same people who made the chandeliers in game of thrones!!

After our breakfast we went around the shops in town and I bought a lovely pastel pink jumper and some jewellery from primark.. I'll be honest we spent most of the day going into the kids shops and pressing the music buttons on the pianos but overall we had a lot of fun!

After this we walked down to the docks to walk along the river front and had a lovely costa drink as it was freezing! (even though I got an iced drink...) after this we walked round to the art gallery and this isn't somewhere I would normally go but it was actually really fun we laughed at the random things in their, there was some weird robot show and a room with glowing cubes and of course this pretty window that I just had to get a picture in!
Me in a window trying to be cool

Art gallery!
 Anyways that's all for this post thank you so much for reading :)
Be sure to come back next week for another post
Pastel skies xx